Shoes to keep your feet dry during the raining season

One special thing about the rainy season is that it comes with regular rain drops and the after effects always tell on our legs and shoes especially when you step in the mud or a car splashes water on you.

When it is raining, a rain coat or an umbrella can protect your dress but not your shoes. And that is the reason you need shoes that are either water-repellent or ones that would at least dry in time so you do not get that uncomfortable feeling of soaked feet. Here are five pairs of shoes that will help you to achieve this during the rainy season.

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  1. Waterproof Sneakers

These shoes are for those that walk a lot and won’t allow the weather to let them down. These sneakers are constructed from waterproof materials like EVA or Goretax and you won’t even notice the rain and you will enjoy a perfect day.

  1. Rubber Sandal

These pair of sandals will keep you dry all day long as the plastic material won’t get soaked by the water and the open toes are great for the weather since they give your feet room to breathe and they also look really cute.

  1. Jelly flat

Office appropriate jelly flats are just as great in water as others and yet you still dress corporately to the office without looking odd.

  1. Boots

In our climate over here, you will look too silly wearing boots on any other day except the raining season. So why not embrace the rainy season by giving you the opportunity to rock a pair of your boot?

  1. Slip On

These are normal flat shoes that are fashionable in rubber form; you can use it to rock the town without fear that the rain will spoil your shoes