Sex is different strokes for different people

WHEN it comes to what sex means to male and female, it will be appropriate to use the phrase attributed to the boxing legend, Mohammed Ali, “different strokes for different people”.

In dealing with his opponents in the ring, Mohammed Ali started the use of that phrase in the sixties in describing how he dealt differently with each of them.

When it comes to sex for both sexes, it is also different strokes for different people. That is, what sex means to males and females differs. To satisfy your spouse sexually, knowing what sex means to him/her will help you go all out to pay whatever price it requires.

How Sex Powers a Man: Sex drives a man in the following ways:

Sex fulfils a man’s ego
A fulfilling sex life does magic to a man’s ego. Men are created to be the protectors, the drivers, and the go-getter. Good sex makes them feel adequate and gives them the strength to do all they need to do to protect and provide for their home. It boosts their self-image and gives them whatever courage they need to pursue their goals. It makes them feel like men. No matter how poor your man’s self-image is, you can build it up by giving him good sex.

Sex enhances a man’s love for his wife
For a man, helping to satisfy his sexual urge passes a message across to him. It is an indication that you love and appreciate him. When you are not available to fulfill this role as his wife, there is no other means by which you can make him to believe that you truly love him. You can say it until you are blue in the face; it will still mean nothing to him. But even when you don’t say it with words but prove it by satisfying him sexually, it is all right by him. According to Wendy Treat “The tenderness of your love for him, satisfying his sexual drive, and building his ego will cause him to love and admire you more.”

Sex absorbs tension and reduces friction in the home.
Men in their day-to-day activities and in the pursuit of their goals undergo a lot of stress, and many times, their wives are usually at the receiving end. Coming home after a tension-filled day at work, they tend to unleash their anger on their wives at every opportunity that presents itself. But good sex provides them an opportunity to ease themselves off whatever tension they have faced at work. That is why it has been said that after a hard day’s work, there are always two things on the mind of a man: good food and good sex. He looks forward to good food for physical replenishment, and good sex for emotional and psychological replenishment. Where he gets the first, his tension is calmed but not extinguished, and at any little provocation can easily be awakened. And where the two are available for him, all tensions are diffused. But when he can’t get the two, his wife becomes a victim.

How Sex Powers a Woman: sex drives a woman in the following ways:

Sex fulfills a wife’s womanhood and her self-esteem.
A woman feels bad on the inside when she has a horrible sexual experience and when things don’t work out right in her sexual relationship with her husband. She feels unfulfilled. While her man slums into deep sleep, snoring away, she turns to the other side, soaking her pillow with tears. But with good sex, the opposite is the case for her.

Sex reassures a woman of her husband’s love for her.
Every woman has a sex drive though it may not be as strong as that of her husband and good sex helps to satisfy this drive. A woman wants to have sex with the man she loves and is convinced he loves her. Sex has become a reference point of love for many people, especially women. It like sex proofs that she is loved and appreciated.

Sex reduces friction in the home and nervousness within a woman.
It relaxes her nervous system. Even when things are not as smooth as she desires, because she is assured of her husband’s love, she is at rest. The nervousness of life diminishes. The truth is, many women are not aware of this power of sex, when they are tensed, they don’t naturally think sex like the men. But good sex helps to calm their nerves and the tension around them if they dare to give themselves to it.

With this knowledge of what sex means to both man and woman, husbands and wives must go out of their way to satisfy themselves sexually. When this is achieved, sexual immorality among the married couples will be drastically reduced.

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