Sex and painful menses

I am 21 years old. Each time I want to menstruate, I always feel serious pain which will not be relieved until I use pain killers. Somebody said that the pain is caused by lack of sex. Is this true sir, because I am still a virgin and I am confused.

Yetunde (by SMS)

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Bad period cramps (dysmenorrhea) occur as a result of the oxygen inability to reach the uterus tissue due to muscle contraction of the uterus walls. Firstly, it is important to exclude such serious problems as endometriosis, fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease which need special treatment. Once these are excluded, the next line of treatment is the use of medications as prescribed by the doctor. And although a very temporary solution, the oxytocin and endorphin released after orgasm during sexual intercourse can also help reduce menstrual pain.