Scissor Reality Show debuts for young fashion entrepreneurs

The Nigerian television viewers and fashion scenes are about to witness unprecedented action as the Africa Content Powerhouse, Digital Interactive Media, DIM producer of several award-winning reality shows has announced the debut of the Scissors Reality Show (SRS), with the main objective of promoting creativities among young fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

According to the brains behind SRS, the concept is a world class fashion, style and entrepreneurship reality TV show and an explosion and exploration of latent talents.

Giving the background into the idea of the Scissors Reality Show, the CEO of Digital Interactive Media, DIM, Mr Sola Fajobi said: “Back in the days, the fashion industry was seen to be dominated by the uneducated. People who had failed in school were pushed by parents or guardians to learn a skill from tailoring, to hairdressing, welding, and even auto-mechanics”.

“In the immediate recent past, fashion designing has moved away from such perception. Now we have University Graduates, Entrepreneurs, Top Corporate Players and other highly Educated and Experienced People holding sway in the fashion industry value chain.

From Mudi to Dakova, Vivid Imaginations and Ethelberts amongst others. The fashion business has evolved.

In recent years we see young educated, trendy, savvy, ambitious, creative entrepreneurs who are changing the game in the fashion business. Thus, the new generation stakeholder in the fashion value chain must be creative, disciplined, digitally savvy, trendy, showy, and business minded,” he concluded.