Safe cosmetics: Senate to regulate sector, track consumer injury

The Senate on Tuesday mandated its committee on health to investigate the procedures in place for certification on quality and safety of cosmetics, in the country and propose a way forward for accountability.

The Senate in its resolution on Tuesday tasked the committee to complete the task and report back to plenary in the next four weeks.

Senate resolution followed a motion by Senator Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos Central) entitled: “Need for National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to move swiftly to regular formulation and distribution of cosmetics.

Further in its resolution, the Senate directed NAFDAC to rise up to its duty of regulating importation, formulation and sale of cosmetics within Nigeria and to maintain a products database, showing name and address of manufacturers and ingredients list.

Tinubu said while the market for cosmetics is huge and appealing more to the women, it is impossible to determine the level of attention given to hygiene, quality assurance and good manufacturing practices.

The Senate also mandated NAFDAC to embark on sensitization and awareness campaign on the ills of these harmful substances.

It directed the NAFDAC and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC) to collaborate towards ensuring the tracking of Consumer injury.

Debating the bill, Senator, Matthew Urhoghide (Edo South) said most young women who seek to beautify themselves are not aware that the properties and their measure may be far above standard, thus, causing harm to the skin

On his part, Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe (Kwara Central) said people deliberately want to harm themselves especially women because they want to change their complexion and said it was important for NAFDAC to take cursory look at them.

Mover of the motion, Senator Tinubu said NAFDAC must pay attention to cosmetics which is a huge market in the country with impact on the largest portion of the human body and regulate the sector in all areas for safe usage by members of the public.

She highlighted some danger associated with the indiscriminate usage of organic products believed to promote glow and in some cases lightening of the skin to include skin damage, kidney failure, liver failure breathing problems poor wound healing, scars and skin cancers amongst others.

She decried the fact that some of the products are exclusively for babies and children and only a well-regulated cosmetics sector will insulate users from toxicity and compel adherence from operators in this market and reduce the level of health risk members of the public would be exposed to.


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