Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney have bought a small British soccer club: Here’s what you should know about them

Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City – all world renowned sports  teams that would be very appealing takeovers. They’re iconic, loved globally and there’s tons of money in them.

Wrexham FC – who?

That’s the question for many people in the US right now, but not Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney who have become the proud new owners of them.

Yes, it’s Hollywood meets Wales as the pair have committed to investing over $2million into the club. But who are they?

Well, below we’ve provided the answers so you can start following what will surely be everyone’s new second team…

Who Are Wrexham FC?

You may not have heard of Wrexham yet, but you will do with Reynolds and McElhenney claiming they will turn the club into a global force.

Right now, that they are not. The club is based in the north of Wales in the UK, in a town with a population of around 65,000. The team has a long history, and are the third oldest professional soccer team in the world.

Until the Hollywood stars took over they were fan owned and are a proud club having played at the Racecourse Ground since 1864. Even the ground is steeped in history with it the world’s oldest international stadium that still hosts international games.

The stadium itself is a far cry from Wembley though, with a capacity of just 10,771, and you can guarantee that it will be full when the owners come to town.

So, what do they play for?

The club play in the fifth tier of English soccer, which is four divisions below the Premier League. There’s already been plenty of interest, with people all around the world not only purchasing replica shirts, but also betting on them to win the league.

The league is named the National League and there has been an influx in people taking up free bets since their arrival with the belief that the added investment will see them thrive and earn promotion.

The club are actually eighth in the division and six points behind the league leaders. Backing them to win the league is certainly only worth a free bet at present.

The beauty of this type of bet is that it’s a risk-free bet with different wording, meaning it won’t cost you a penny.

It’s the ideal way to start your support for the club, whose star players include Devonte Redmond, Elliott Durrell and goalkeeper Rob Lainton.

The winner of the National League is then promoted to League Two, which is part of the English Football League and considered the elite level.

What’s next for Wrexham?

It will certainly be interesting to see where Wrexham are taken and many people both in the UK and USA will be watching on with interest as the Welsh club look to become giants of the game.

One step at a time of course though, they won’t be signing Lionel Messi in a hurry or playing in the Champions League.

No, to begin with it will be all about investing in the squad, the facilities and the community, and that’s what the new owners have promised to do.

A Netflix show will be following the club from that very first step, with the pair set to be advised along the way by former Liverpool FC CEO Peter Moore.

That will provide them with significant income and in turn boost the reputation and notoriety of the club. Both actors believe they can make the club a success, and Reynolds in particular knows how to do that having recently sold off his gin business in a $610million deal. Which I’m sure Wrexham would love to see their value rise to!

Their intention is to become part of the Wrexham story and it can certainly be said this one could well be one of the most exciting in the club’s history.

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