Rotary Club gives free medical check-up to 80,000 beneficiaries

Rotary Club of District 9110 has said it will be giving free medical check-up to 80,000 beneficiaries in Lagos and Ogun state that the District covers via it’s Family Health and AIDS Day programme.

Rotary Family Health and AIDS Day is a three-day programme that the club organizes, mount booths and set up camps in various locations to test, screen and examine members of the public.

The Medical services include HIV testing and Counselling, Hepatitis B and C screening, Diabetes and Glucose level screening, Polio immunization and Malaria testing and treatment.

Nutrition and Mental Health Services, Hypertension screening, Vitamin A and B administration, Deworming for children, insecticide-treated net distribution.

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Others are Cervical/breast/private cancer screening, family counseling and condom supply, sanitary towels for girls, eye contact tests and treatment and Dental care.

The District Governor-elect, Mr. Bola Oyebade, who spoke at a briefing held yesterday in Lagos, noted that the importance of the Day is for the populace to know their status, adding that it is the 7th edition.

While acknowledging the government’s contribution to the programme towards accessing the health facilities, Oyebade noted that this year’s programme will go round test sites for Hepatitis and necessary referrals will be made.

He stated that surgeries will not be taken into consideration because of the expensive nature of health cases.

“This is the seventh time we are doing it. It comprises of Clubs in Lagos and Ogun state.

“The 7th edition of the Rotary Family Health and AIDS Day programme is a three-day programme. At the last time, we had about 60,000 beneficiaries in both Lagos and Ogun state.

“This year, we expect to see more than 80,000 beneficiaries in Lagos and Ogun.

“Government had been with us since we have started because we work with all the levels of hospital referrals-Primary, secondary and tertiary.

“Government is fully involved by giving us access to those health facilities.

“In the last time, we came up with Hepatitis A and B test kits. We will be going round test sites for Hepatitis and necessary referrals will be made.

“Prostate cancer is also something we will be doing more. Equally, Cervical cancer is very expensive” Oyebade said.

Meanwhile, he noted that the members of the community should not just clap hands but also join Rotary in order to further the development of the society.

Also speaking, The Former Assistant District Governor, Ben Okhumale explained that it is this programme that creates a unifying force for all the 33,000 Rotary clubs in the country.

“This programme is one of the many action groups in Rotary. There are four districts in Nigeria and over 33,000 clubs.

“Something brings us together and one is the action Group. We are together to do more than what we do as clubs.

While explaining the brief history behind the programme, Ben said the realization of the fact that the programme was doing more than its scope gave birth to the reformation of the programme.

“This Programme was formerly called Rotarians for Fighting AIDS. We provide succour against stigmatization to those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

“We send their children to school and make them live off the stigmatization. Thereafter, we discovered that we do more than that and this gave birth to a new name Rotary Family Health and AIDS Day” Ben said

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