Role of youths in emergence of a new Nigeria

Nigeria, despite being a country of over 60 years old, has been facing many challenges in the quest for rapid growth and development. Having seen this multifaceted retrogression in building her metallic growth to be recognised as a developed nation, there’s a radical need for change and this change should be fabricated by the Nigerian youths.

Towards the emergence of a new Nigeria, there are some repugnant acts such as corruption, terrorism, armed robbery, kidnapping and other kind of vices that should be eschewed, and most are committed by the youths and such acts reduce the prosperity of the nation.

Another vital role that youths should play in the emergence of a new Nigeria is breaking the coffers of virulent animosity among ethnic groups and religions. Youths should see themselves as one; an Igbo man should be seen as a Nigerian in Hausaland, not as an Igbo man; a Hausa man should also be seen as a Nigerian in Igboland, not as a Hausa man; Muslims should love the adherents of other religions such as Christianity; and Christians should also respect the adherents of other religions. With that, the youths would see Nigeria as one. And the oneness will bring positive change and development to the country.

Participation of youths in skill acquisition programmes can be another vigorous role that youths should play in the emergence of a new Nigeria. It can be strictly said that the scourge that seeks to snuff life out of Nigeria’s development is lack of the participation of youths in skill acquisition programmes; this is a factor that contributes to youths’ involvement in dubious acts to earn a living. When youths participate in skill acquisition programmes, there’s a high possibility that the yoke of Nigeria’s problems will break.

Salim Yakubu Akko,

Gombe state.


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