Rock monochrome with bold ankara patterns this Easter

We all love holidays and Easter is one of those holidays where we play dress up,head out to have fun with friends and families or even visit new and old places.This therefore brings the need to plan what to wear on Easter as everyone wants to look their best, especially ladies. We are however at a time when the weather isn’t so friendly and the sun blazing hot. It is important to choose your clothing and style carefully, bearing the weather in mind as you head out. Writes Stephanie Oduenyi of Makani Couture.

Here are a few tips to follow while dressing up for Easter:

Avoid fabrics that are extremely soft and light if you sweat a lot as well as outfits that are  extremely clingy. The weather in Nigeria now is not here for jokes. But we must slay this Easter.

Opt for bright outfits with beautiful and bold patterns.

The season is right to flaunt all your stunning accessories.

Pay keen attention to your footwear this Easter depending on how you plan to spend the day. It is either you stick with  flats, nice sneakers  or supportive heels

Using hats  or facecaps or floral headbands is ideal when going out to achieve that stylish Easter look while protecting  yourself from the scorching sun.

It is true that most women can experiment a lot with their dressing and end up looking different and glamorous.

You can also decide to try something new this season. You can opt for monochrome outfits with bold floral patterns or even bold Ankara patterns , they are simple, chic and super gorgeous.

A fantastic Easter style idea for ladies is Monochrome with bold Ankara patterns or patches this look is simple yet very enchanting and can make you look fresh and appealing even after hours of celebrations. Sometimes, simple is all you need to stand out from the crowd.

Check out a few monochrome and bold patterns look from me and get creative with your style ideas this holiday season.