Risks faced by communities beside Odogbo Barracks

The Nigeria Army 2nd mechanized Division, Odogbo Barracks Division in Ibadan has commenced its firing training from their shooting range inside the barracks and this is a challenge for those whose houses are located around the Odogbo barracks.

Recently, it was reported that army stray bullet hit two people while the soldiers were firing from their shooting range; indeed, people who live close to Odogbo Barracks have continued to complain about the damage that is caused to their buildings from the firing range.

This is the right time to bring this to the notice of the Chief of Army staff, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, to look into this issue before lives of residents who are neigbours to the barracks will be cut short.

The Defence Headquarters should make provision for another firing strange. We commend the efforts of the General Officer Commanding the Odogbo barracks, Major General Aminu Chinadel for everything he has been doing to support the Government of Oyo state to curb crime. The on-going army shooting needs to be stopped. We don’t want to lose any citizen to stray bullets in Oyo state. It is in view of this that I respectfully call the chief of Army staff to attend to this promptly without delay. It is the duty of Nigeria Army to train its men on how to shoot criminals without missing the target but it needs to consider the lives and property of those living around the barracks in Ibadan as no one has a right to terminate the lives of other citizens during the course of your training to protect lives.

Barrister Jimoh Mumin,




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