Revert coronation of 21 Ibadan Obas, Council of Mogagis tell Oyo govt

A group of clan heads (Mogajis) in Ibadan has pointed to anomalies in the recent review of the Olubadan chieftaincy declaration and coronation of 21 Ibadan Obas, asking the Oyo state government to revert decisions associated with the review and return to statuesque.

The clan heads, gathered on the platform of Integrity Youths of Ibadanland (IYI)/Council of Mogajis of Ibadan land, at a press conference in Ibadan, on Tuesday, said the white paper that followed the Justice Akintunde Boade (rtd) review report was tantamount to a distortion of the history, culture and monolithic tradition of Ibadanland.

Former Deputy Governor of Oyo state, Alhaji Hazeem Gbolarunmi who spoke on behalf of the clan heads, numbering 15, posited that the high chiefs promoted as Obas could not exercise right of Obaship because they had not been conferred authority over particular territories by their subjects.

Gbolarunmi, who is Mogaji ile Olugbesan, further said the Mogajis’ grievance also was that the high chiefs upgraded possessed no domain, palace, terming the state government’s decision as semblance of colonial structures creating warrant chiefs in Ibo land.

“The white paper is a manifestation of distorting history, culture and monolithic tradition unique to Ibadanland. It is unacceptable to the majority of the people of Ibadanland. Erosion into the authority of an Olubadan of Ibadan as prescribed authority over minor chiefs in accordance with sections 5 and 22 of the Chiefs Law of Oyo state of Nigeria 2000. Though the white paper gave Olubadan as the prescribed authority but it is like a bull dog without teeth to bite.”

“The anomalies in the review are creation of warrant monarchs without regard to the Ibadan Traditional Chieftaincy. The warrant monarchs hitherto, referred to as baale were under the supremacy of Mogajis and High Chiefs were conferred and with beaded crown more or less the same position of their appointer (the High Chiefs).”

“It is our prayer that Oyo state government rescind and revert her decision and maintain statuesque anti bellum, a position before the creation and reviewing of the Ibadanland Chieftaincy Declaration. This is because Ibadan Chieftaincy system like any other Yoruba Chieftaincy is inextricably connected and interwoven with land tenure.”

“High Chiefs were upgraded to Oba’s without domains, Obas without palace. This gave a resemblance of the colonial structures of creating warrant chiefs in Iboland. The system is characterized by imposition, oligarchy and fascism.

“The High Chiefs that were promoted as Oba have no territorial governance and cannot exercise right of Obaship. No socio-economic development can be associated with a warrant Oba. It is a creation of political expediency. There is no authority to be exercised over particular territory, in other words, no legitimacy can be conferred on them by the citizen thus negating the reciprocator principle of ruler and subject. This amounts to confusion and political onslaught associated with beaded crown.”

“Finally, any government trying to lure chieftaincy matter into political manoeuvring in whatever guise is igniting a Pandora box of violence full of gun powder, capable of exploding any time.”

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