Reasons you should stop buying Asoebi

It is generally known that there is no wedding ceremony or any other ceremony without “aso ebi”. Though this aso ebi has been in existence for a long time, now, it has taken a new trend. 

Asoebi was referred to as “anco” years ago. It means family wear or uniform. It is a uniform fabric or cloth worn at weddings, coronations, and even burials. 

People perceive buying aso ebi as a way of being loyal to the celebrant or couples hosting the ceremony. Anyone that attends a ceremony without putting on the uniform will be seen as an outcast.

Aso ebi is seen as an essential part of Nigerian culture and seems unavoidable. 

However, it comes with a lot of trouble, especially for your account balance. Some aso ebi are usually too expensive with some going for as high as 200,000 naira. 

Here are five reasons you should give the buying of  aso ebi a break or refrain from asking people to buy yours:

1. It is expensive

You must have noticed that all the aso ebi you’ve been buying are usually very expensive. Aso ebi goes for as high as 100,000 naira and above. Yes, some are cheaper but it depends on your purse. 

You need to cut your coat according to your material. Buying asoebi consistently will only send you back to your village. If you make an intentional effort to stop buying Asoebi, you might regret it sooner or later. 

2. Asoebi can wreck your account

As stated earlier, aso ebi is usually expensive. Buying every fabric chosen for every ceremony would only bore holes in your finances.  You might find it very hard to have a consistent saving lifestyle. Some parents go as far as using their wards’ school fees to get these fabrics for parties.  

A lot of people believe it is compulsory for you to buy the aso ebi in order to fit in amongst their mates. You’ve forgotten that your mates won’t feed you when your account balance can’t. 

Allow your bank account to breathe for a month or two, at least. Buying aso ebi can cause great damage to your finances. 

Note that for every aso ebi you buy, you also need to buy the accessories, shoes and bags that should accompany this outfit. Can you see that your bank account will weep later?

3. It is a money-making scheme for celebrants

Aso ebi is a scheme for couples and celebrants to make money. This is a secret you don’t know. A lot of couples use this to get more money for themselves. Greedy couples use this to exploit their loved ones or guests. They compel you to buy from them or the celebrants, and increase the price in order to gain more from the couple or person celebrating. 

4. It causes disparity 

This is for those who make aso ebi compulsory for their occasion. Asoebi has been one of the reasons for disparity and differences amongst people. This is especially when your guests have little or no cash to get the clothes. It makes it hard for your guests to relate with others and participate in the event.

Buying aso ebi can be very expensive. Adding the cost of sewing and accessories can deprive some people of food and basic amenities of life.

5. It promotes money wastage

One of the things that exhaust you financially could be aso ebi, especially when you have the same colour in your wardrobe and you have to buy that same colour again.

Asoebi only wastes your resources and allows you to show off what you don’t have unnecessarily. 

Above all, the economy is not doing well. Aso ebi will only put you in more financial problems. You can avoid buying these fabrics in reasonable ways.



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