Reason for the rising downfall of pastors —Oke

The National Evangelist of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Pastor Michael Oke in this interview by SEGUN KASALI, speaks on the misconception about healing power in the Christendom, among other issues.


Miracles and healing are some of the main reasons a lot of people besiege churches today. But recent happenings have put doubts on the authenticity of the said miracles. As a cleric, who concentrates on healing ministry, how will you react to the trends?

God still manifests in His mysterious ways and heals in the church today, though many people believe healings no longer existing in the vineyard, some say the premonition that many healing exercise that takes place is fake. But, I can authoritatively say that the presence of God has not left the church. The power of Jesus, is still very much active to heal people. I am a witness the manifestation of the power of God. So, I don’t want people to be deceived or carried away by the fake news or ungodly experiences they might have come across in the Christendom. Personally, I have my own calling and I have refused to deviate from God’s mission in the ministry. God gave me healing anointing and He has been proving Himself in numerous ways. My calling is a testimonial of God’s healing powers and an attestation that instant healing miracles still exist. The only way to avoid falling into the trap of fake ministries is to seal a personal relationship with God.

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Are you saying not all clerics are qualified to healing vessels?

Yes. Everybody have different callings and we (clerics) must discover our calling in order not to mislead people, as well as put the work of God to shame. The lack of not discovering one’s calling is one of the things that are causing a great setback in the Christendom. The Bible has confirms it that we are in the end-time. What I have noticed is that a lot of people equate clerics as God because of His manifestations through their ministries and this is what leading to the rampant downfall of is many clerics. We should not be ignorant that God is the ultimate. He has the absolute to power to answer or not to anyone’s prayers. However, many pastors are ignorant of this; they want to perform healings at all cost, thinking it is their doing. Irrespective of how we intercede for people on healings and any form of prayers, God determines the manifestation of the healing. Healing comes from God; no pastor has the power to heal. So, no pastor must take the glory of God.


Another major thorny is that some denominations that do not entertain medical treatments? What is your take on it? 

I don’t want to talk about any other denomination, but the truth is that there is a difference between care and cure. You know you need to take care of your body; that is what drug can do. It is only used for body care. No drug can cure; It is only God that can cure; Even medical practitioners always say they only care, but only cures. No matter the drug,it can only care the body. Jesus remains the curer of every disease.


How has been with your experience in the ministry; had there been a time you prayed to God and it seemed there was answer?

Yes. I had such experience during my evangelistic outreach in 2007. It was a day I will never forget. I have been hearing that so many pastors pray for the sick and they get healed, but God has not been using me in that aspect, except in other areas. I didn’t know what came upon me that day. While praying at the podium, I announced that people should bring the blind, lame, and the sick forward; I prayed fervently, but nothing happened; no single person received healing. I was so embarrassed because people had already fallen under the anointing of the seven-day revival. Instantly, I regretted my actions. However, I was able to manage the situation and left the places unannounced. I never knew that God has reason for doing everything.


What has been your greatest lesson as a cleric since you received the calling?

When I was ordained as area evangelist in Oshodi, Lagos in 2012, I never thought there was an evangelistic ministry that I had not attained. So, after my ordainment, God appeared to me in my dream few weeks after. He said I should pray and fast for days that He wanted to give me the gift of instant miracle. When I woke up from the dream, I said this is wonderful. I quickly understood the instruction, because I knew God was about to do something in my life. So, I followed the injunction. He appeared to me later and said ‘Be bold enough to pray for the sick, because I have given you the power to heal people now.’ I thank God for the grace to heed to God’s directive, as well as making use of the gift judiciously.