Re: Killing of Favour Daley-Oladele

The quality of this editorial from start to finish is an enrichment worth more than naira can measure. Your editors are truly masters in superior assessment of current issues.

Our political leaders and parents are partly to blame. One thing is certain, many people, especially Satan worshippers, witches and wizards, for obvious reasons set up and cover up their satanic activities by claiming to be ministers of God  but do not fall within the definition of one who is a pastor or fit to be described as one.

Witches and wizards set up under the guise of being a church in order to attract customers seeking solutions to their problems and not for the purpose of seeking God. They use witchcraft to practise their evil trade and cannot come out openly to say so. Most of them are wretched people who do not affect lives positively.

Lest I forget, today’s edition of Tribune is a tribute to brilliance, with every page bursting with well-researched and entertaining information. Right from page one through to the editorial page to Monday Lines with Dr. Lasisi Olagunju, sheer brilliance at peak level.

John R. Jimoh.

Ogun state.

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