Racial inequality must be addressed globally ― Nigerian-born American model, Joseph Water

Nigerian-born American-based model, popularly known as Joseph Water, has shared his experience with Americans, just as he has called for the urgent need to collectively address class inequality and racial inequality around the globe.

According to him, “when some Americans get to know that I am a Nigerian, they profile me as a fraudster. The preconceived notion comes mainly from the many Nigerian emails and romance scams that are sadly prevalent. This has led some people to generalise that Nigerians as a people are dishonest and self-serving at the expense of others, which is an unfair, hasty generalization. I think that everyone, regardless of stereotypes, should be given the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise.”

Nonetheless, 28-year-old Joseph Water avowed that he cherished being Nigerian and that he would not compromise irrespective of any challenges that come his way outside the shores of the country.

Speaking on racism, which has been a big issue in America in the past few years, the fast-rising model shared his thoughts, saying, “My big lesson about racism in America borders around how some white people act as if they are oblivious to the existence of racism, and how they are passive regarding conversations that are particular to racial inequality. I find it utterly disturbing as they refuse to acknowledge their white privilege and how it has been institutionalised.”

“I understand that privilege is not usually what everyone asks for, many are born into it, but what you do with the privilege matters, and I think it’s important that we collectively address class inequality, and racial inequality,” he added.


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