Prophet who prophesied Atiku’s Presidential victory rejects result

An Anambra based Cleric, Prophet Udoka Daniel Okechukwu who repeatedly prophesied that the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar would win the 2019 presidential election has rejected the result of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, alleging that it was rigged and contrary to the actual outcome of the election which favoured Atiku.

Reacting to the outcome of the elections just after the final result of the INEC was released on the media, he said that the result announced by INEC “is not the will of God” while warning that “whosoever rigged the election should be expecting the judgment of God soon.”

“We thank God for what has happened but the result by INEC is not the will of God. It is clear that Atiku is the chosen one. Buhari is not the chosen one.

“What I know too well is that God is in control.

“It is very clear to me that Buhari never won the election,” he said.

Expressing his disgust at the outcome of the election, the prophet said that Buhari “might be above Nigerian law but he is not above the law of heaven.”

The prophet recalled that he was the first prophet that said that Buhari had not died when it was being rumoured that he had died in 2017. “I also said that Buhari will live to see the 2019 election and that if he died before the election, people should take me as a false prophet,” he said.

In his words, “If God can show me the outcome of so many elections and it comes to pass but in the case of Nigeria, the contrary happened, that shows that Nigeria is a hopeless country.

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“Nigeria is a country that does not obey rules and regulations.

“An election that was completed on Saturday, the result did not come out until three days after, coupled with the inconsistency in figures here and there. All these are evidence that the election was rigged.”

Speaking on whether Atiku would be recalled as president, Prophet Udoka recalled his earlier prophecy that “regardless of what INEC does, Atiku is the chosen one and will win the election.”

He said he is standing firm on his prophecy as he is sure that God will surely vindicate his word of prophecy.

“If my prophecy is followed step by step, one would see that I mentioned that there would be conflict and that Buhari has all the powers which is what he used to rig the election. 

“Heaven is at work. Heaven is interested in 2019 Nigerian presidential election,” he said. He also called out Vice Presidential Yemi Osinbajo who he alleged has refused to stand for the truth even though he is known pastor. “I wonder how he and his congregation will make heaven,” he said.

He then encouraged Nigerians to keep faith and expect judgment from above concerning the just concluded controversial presidential election.