Prophet TB Joshua, George Weah and Liberia’s election

George Weah, TB Joshua
Prophet T.B. Joshua (right) welcoming and speaking to Liberia’s president-elect, George Weah, when the latter visited Prophet Joshua at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos in October this year.

It was not an unusual visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) as this had been the norm over the years. The Man in the Synagogue as he is fondly referred to is none else but Prophet T.B. Joshua. For many both within and outside Nigeria, the Synagogue Church of All Nations has become a refuge where the sick, the lost, the spiritual hungry go for the divine touch of God. Even politicians and world leaders of varying endeavours continue to throng the church for divine assistance and emancipation.

It was therefore not surprising when in October, this year, the leading presidential candidate in Liberia and a legend in global football, George Weah, was at the Sunday Church service of the The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria. Of course, while many would have been surprised, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that he was not surprised since God was interested in the good of Liberia.

George Weah, who had become one of Liberia’s famous senators stated that he had come to the church basically to “seek God’s face” for his country.

During the sermon which was delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua and was broadcast live on the popular Christian channel, Emmanuel TV owned by the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Joshua gladly welcomed Weah. While addressing the church, he spoke to Weah. “My brother is here today because he loves his country and wants God’s choice for his country. He is not here to impose himself. What does God say about his country, Liberia? What is God’s opinion? That is why he is here,” Prophet Joshua announced.

But Prophet T.B. Joshua was very clear when he said that he would not favour any politician but would ask that God’s will would be done. His own role was to pray for “the will of God” to be done in the nation of Liberia.  “We are not herbalists or witch-doctors; we are people of God. God’s choice is our choice. We cannot pray against God’s will,” Joshua stressed, with Weah nodding firmly in agreement. “Without God’s corresponding power, we cannot pray to Him. For every step we take – every movement and action – intimation comes first,” Joshua further expounded. “There must be suggestion from the Spirit to move before we move. If truly I am a man of God, I must hear from God – move or don’t move.”

Prophet Joshua, who is known for God’s power in his life, noted that Liberia’s incumbent Vice President and Weah’s contender in the upcoming presidential run-off, Joseph Boakai had also contacted him to request a meeting. “God’s opinion is what we should seek in our country – simple! God is the Answer, the Final,” the influential Nigerian pastor added. Also present in the service was Senator Yormie Johnson, a former Liberian war lord and also one of the nation’s prominent presidential candidates. Joshua was instrumental in Johnson’s conversion to Christianity and mediated his reconciliation with the family of the late Liberian President, Samuel Doe. “You cannot twist or bribe God; He is not a man… The best place to go is to meet people God has given the grace to be a communicator between the visible and invisible,” Joshua concluded. “Meet them and let them tell you what is the way out – the next thing to do.”

Other prominent visitors to The SCOAN in the past have included Tanzania’s President, John Magufuli, the late President of Ghana, John Atta Mills, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai and Julius Malema, South Africa’s fiery opposition leader.

It was therefore not surprising when it was announced that George Weah led in the presidential election, making him the president-elect of the country. For many years, Prophet T.B. Joshua has demonstrated that the power of God only resides in those who do the will of God. His spiritual depth as regards the word of God has never been in doubt. For many Liberians, the will and purpose of God was what mattered the most and so, we were indeed very glad when George Weah visited the man of God and we became confident that victory was ours. Today, we know that Liberia would move into greater light with the emergence of George Weah as the president. We also know that Prophet Joshua would continue to pray for us as we move into this era of newness.

Today, the Synagogue Church of All Nations is not just the place like any other but the place where the power and presence of God is resident. Every year, Prophet Joshua continues to remind the nations of the world that God is the only answer to the human race. This must be taken seriously and not lightly. Liberia rejoices because the man of God prayed for us and we have seen the answer to his prayer. There is joy in Liberia. We have faith that God will continue to move mightily in our nation.

Nsfanse sent this piece from Liberia


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