Priority in marriage: A great cook or sex freak?

TWO major phenomena are said to power a man’s emotion in marriage and relationship. This deals with having a partner who is a great cook and who also knows how to satisfy his/her spouse in bed. In some cases, luck have a fair share with many who happen to have these two attributes in their partners:  A great cook and a sex freak, who tops her game when it comes to satisfying his/her partner. However, in a case of having an alternative of a great cook and a sex freak in your partner, which would you prioritise?


On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our experts said on the issue:


Okafor Amara

Good sex, I don’t even want my man to know where the kitchen is. Men that are averagely good in the kitchen or know how to prepare few dishes are picky with food and hard to please. Sex is game for me.


Ibrahim Kazeem

I would prefer a good cook to a great sex. It isn’t sex that will make me good, it is food. If I don’t have stamina, I can’t even make love. Eating food from home is another connection to one’s spouse.


Dominic Dominic

Great cook. What would make you happy after a bad day and happier on a good day?  Food works both days. Imagine coming home from work hungry and tired and someone wants to tie you up and flog you because of sex.


  1. T Adekunle

For the food, I can cook my own food. But sex is very important. Eateries are available. In fact, in your room they will deliver what you want. I won’t hesitate to teach her how to be a good cook as well. To the best of my knowledge, it’s easier to train her on food because it’s physical than sex which works with the emotion.


Adekunle Classic

Both perform same function, while food nourishes your body and provide it with strength, sex nourishes your marriage or relationship, give it strength too, connection and so on. Recent study proves sex gives long life, active brain and so on.


Jesse Heymann

A great cook. A woman who is average at sex is not the worst thing. I’d say most people are in that category.  A great cook is a gift that will keep on giving in more varieties and many more times in your lifetime than you can have sex.


Momoh Charles

A great cook and sex freak are attributes that any man will desire in a life partner. However, it’s not always easy to have the two good attributes in a woman. If am to prioritise when the two are not available in a woman, I will choose a great cook simply because I love good and tantalising food. I can always manage with the other one that she is not good in.


Balogun Adekola

Great cook, one of the qualities I always look for in a woman is her culinary skill because I can’t joke with my stomach. I’ve spent years without sex and survived but my one year of average meal during service had a great toll on me. Good food over sex anytime.


Joshua Adeniyi

I’ll prefer a great cook because I love to eat a sumptuous food cooked by my wife.


Stella Adegbembo

As for me, I’m a lady, so I don’t need the guy to know how to do the cooking, the aspect I need from him is great sex.


Lanre Oseni

The purpose of going into a relationship and by extension, marriage is not to be a sex – freak or a good cook. An extremely good cook will be demanding for cash to cook necessary and unnecessary items, at all times. A sex- freak will expect much from her partner. It’s not all the time; there will be strength will be for the sex. A combination of moderate good cook and moderate sex will be priority to select a partner.


 Sabastine Uche

I prefer a great cook but I believe sex is a thing of the mind. My partner can always get sex elsewhere if he wishes. I am of the opinion that a man should have good communication with his partner. If he thinks she is not doing well sexually, they should talk about it. There is a saying that the way to a man›s heart is through his stomach. What this entails is the fact that food does have great impact on men.


Expert speaks

Prince Ubochi is our expert on this issue. First and foremost, partners are meant to learn and grow in the art of having sex, then with time, they could become sex freaks. In continuation, being a great cook is important, it’s supposed to be an art that manifests even before becoming partners: a condition precedent; as a matter of fact, we learn to become sex freaks, and a majority of persons could be patient with the learning process, this is not the case with being a great cook, it can’t be managed like being patient with a partner in becoming a sex freak. For sustainability in partnership, being a great cook is an ingredient that remains when the young age and shape of a partner wears away. Food first for the bowels as well as feeding of the body system and our emotions, then sex for the emotions, after our emotions are fed and can function well.

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