Preserve Ikoyi Cancer Treatment Center ― Adegboruwa tells Sanwo-Olu

Lagos based human rights activist and lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, on Thursday appealed to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to do his best to preserve the Ikoyi Cancer Treatment Center and also call to order, officers of the Lagos State Physical Planning Authority, to unseal the premises for the project to be completed.

Adegboruwa’s call is anchored on the alarming rate of deaths resulting from various cancer-related ailments and the dearth of treatment centres across Nigeria, which has given rise to medical tourism which many Nigerians pay for through their noses.

Adegboruwa made the appeal in a letter dated July 17, 2019, written to the governor on behalf of the promoters of the project, Messrs Kings County Property Investment Company Limited.

The Ikoyi Cancer Treatment Center was conceived by the company and its directors as a multipurpose project to address the many issues associated with the diagnosis and treatment of the much-dreaded disease, which has assumed an epidemic proportion in Nigeria.

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“The project is presently 90 per cent completed but for the action of officers of the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning, who purported to seal up the premises on July 17, 2019, driving away workers engaged to finish the project. A certificate of occupancy was validly issued by the Lagos State Government for the land hosting the project and all requisite approvals were duly sought and obtained for the building. The project is meant to provide affordable health services and facilities to all Nigerians for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer-related diseases,” the activist stated.

Adegboruwa further appealed to the Governor to focus on his governance agenda, given that he has achieved great milestones in the short time that he got into office, with massive road repairs going on throughout the State day and night and being the first Governor to constitute his cabinet. He further urged the Governor to note that the case is already pending before the High Court of Lagos State and since the Governor swore to an oath to defend the Constitution, it is important to allow the Courts determine the fate of the parties to the case, rather than resorting to self-help or deploying the machineries of state to assist one party against the other. He encouraged the Governor to avoid any descent into impunity or a confrontation with the judiciary.

He urged the governor to do all in his power to support and assist the project and not allow overbearing officers of the State to frustrate or hinder it, for the good of the people of Lagos State in particular, and Nigeria at large.