Prayer is the solution to Nigeria’s problem —Reverend Mwobeki

The General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), Reverend (DR) Fidon Mwombeki has said the church believes so much in prayers and that though, there may be tribulations, persecutions and all sorts of vicissitudes, but that all problems would be solved.

Mwombeki, a Tanzanian, spoke when he paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of Celica Church of Christ at Kilometer 7, New Ife Road, Ibadan recently.

He said the problems facing Nigeria are not insurmountable but that prayers are needed to avert, abort and quash such problems, urging Nigerians to move closer to God. He added that God loves the African continent because according to him, the continent is blessed with so many creative minds and abundant resources both natural and man- made.

Mwombeki, whose office is in Nairobi, Kenya, was in Nigeria on a courtesy visits to member Churches to familiarise, fraternise and acquaint with them ahead of the 60th anniversary of the AACC taking place next year.

Earlier, the Founder and the General Overseer of Celica Church of Christ Worldwide, Reverend (Dr) Emmanuel Adetunji Adeonigbagbe, welcomed the guests, saying he was pleased to have them in their midst, while also acknowledging the contributions of the religious organisation adding that it was no accident that Celica joined the August body when it did.

He told the visiting Sec-Gen that the mission of his church is to share with both believers and non-believers Christ’s unfailing love and salvation through both words and deeds and to preach and teach the Bible which is the inspired word of God.

He said: “Our church has never relented in speaking against injustice, maladministration, poor governance, insecurity among others since 1992.

“We have never been afraid in speaking truth to power and different spiritual messages have always been sent to individuals and governments both in Nigeria and across the globe. Failure to adhere strictly to the Lord’s instruction , especially by political authorities in Nigeria had led to increased insecurity, ethno-religious crises and loud agitations for secession by different groups in the country.

“The solution to these problems is to return back to God and allow Him take precedence in the affairs of Nigeria.”

Adeonigbagbe stated that the church must be united in spirit and pray to the Lord Almighty to lead Nigerians out of these crises and pray that the will of God will prevail on Nigeria and Nigeria will experience peace and development.

He said Celica church decided to join AACC because they believed that Jesus Christ is better propagated through the promotion of understanding, peace and unity of believers in Jesus Christ.


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