Pray God to send a David to rescue Nigeria, Prophet Oyadara urges citizens

Founder of Christ for All Peoples Church, Ojoo, Lagos State, Prophet Samuel Oyadara, has urged Nigerians to pray now that God should send a David quickly to deliver the country from the grip of those he described as evil leaders.

Oyadara made the call in a short statement made available to TribuneChurch, disclosing that God was searching for a David that would rescue Nigeria from the hands of those evil leaders.

The cleric, while saying that his daily prayer is that God should send this David before all those evil leaders pass on, added that he also looked to the day that the properties illegally acquired by  those leaders “will become government’s own.”

“God is searching for David that will deliver Nigeria from the hand of the evil leaders.

“I am looking forward to the day that the property of those evil leaders would become government’s own.

“My prayer everyday is that God should send this David before all those evil leaders die. Nigeria pray now that God should send us David quickly,” Oyadara said.


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