Poor leadership fueling insecurity in Nigeria ― Rev Dangiwa

The Director of Training, Interface, Mediation Centre (IMC) Kaduna, Reverend Bitrus Dangiwa has identified poor leadership in governance as a factor fueling insecurity and the inability to arrest the ugly trend.

The director who disclosed this to newsmen at the venue of inter state exchange visit between Kaduna and Plateau State in Jos said for Nigeria to overcome the security challenges and their consequences, those in positions of authority and other critical stakeholders must promote good governance and embrace justice in dealing with the situation.

He pointed out that all indices that can fuel insecurity are stirring Nigerians in the face adding hunger occasioned by poverty pervading the country and serving as bait to lure the young ones into various crimes.

According to him,” To arrest this pathetic situation, the government has a role to play. In a country where there is no equity and justice, where there’s an economic crisis, the poor man is confronted with hunger, there would insecurity. Our leaders are encouraging insecurity, virtually every sector is frustrated, and the price of commodities is soaring high daily

“Some leaders forced themselves on the people, when you don’t win an election take it as an act of God. Every player should have it in mind that they would give an account of their stewardship on the last day. If there is no peace, there can’t be security and good governance. There is insecurity because there is no good governance”

Reverend Dangiwa said the essence of the inter-state visit was for cross-fertilisation of ideas on how to address security challenges facing various communities in Plateau and Kaduna states adding that the interface will make the participants become peace ambassadors.

“The aim of this interstate exchange visit is to enable us to learn from one another by bringing communities that are in peace and those experiencing crisis together. If they interact, there are things that they can learn from one another and make them peace ambassadors and to give early warning signals” he said.

He also stated that religious leaders have a role to play in bringing about lasting peace in every troubled community adding that they must be conscious of what they preached by thinking locally and acting globally.

Also, the director of research and documentation of IMC, Mallam Abdullahi Mohammed Sufi advised the federal and state governments to give support to the civil society in the country to enable them adequately complement the efforts of civil society organisations in peacebuilding.

According to him, peace and security are complementary concepts since the primary concern of government at all levels is to protect lives and property adding that IMC is using the faith-based approach to address the issue of religious conflict.


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