Planning Your First Trip to Ethiopia? This Information Will Help You!

Ethiopia is an African country with strong, rich cultures and large topography. Planning your trip to Ethiopia is essential, especially if it’s your first time. For you to enjoy your trip and stay in Ethiopia, you will require this information.

Ethiopia may not be your first choice destination for holidays, but it is still a beautiful country for Safari, wildlife conservatives, and lovers. If this is your first time planning a trip to Ethiopia, here are some tips to help you enjoy your trip.

  • Obtaining a Visa

Obtaining a visa for a tourist visit is much easier with the availability of these two types of visas.  You can apply for the Ethiopia Visa on arrival as well as the eVisa, which are the two types of visas available.

You get your Visa on Arrival on your arrival at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The visa on arrival is a travel authorization that you get at the airport on arrival. You don’t have to apply for visas at the embassy or consulate.

The visa is valid for three months, permits only entry, and is open to most countries globally, including Nigeria. You can check out its availability for your country.

It is advisable as a visitor and traveller that you make use of the eVisa. You can avoid the stress of queueing up after a long flight. The application for the eVisa is simple and fast, thereby helping you save time.

  • Ethiopia Seasons

Visiting Ethiopia during the raining seasons would not allow you to enjoy your visit. Although the temperature in Ethiopia is consistent all year, the rainy periods are between June to August.

Also, Ethiopia has lots of religious celebrations such as the Ethiopian New Year (September 11), Meskel- celebrating the discovery of the True Cross (September 27), Timkat- the Epiphany celebration (January 19), and Ethiopian Easter.

All of the Ethiopian festivals are usually crowded and colorful. So if you are looking to enjoy the serene environs of Ethiopia, you might want to avoid these periods when visiting.

  • Ethiopia’s Cultural Background

As we initially stated, that safaris may not be typical in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is known for its unique culture and people. You have the chance to explore ancient structures, carved rocks, and relics from centuries ago. If you desire to enjoy and explore Ethiopia, you should visit remote areas like Omo valley.

There are lots of tourist attractions in Ethiopia, but most are still untapped. One of the most famous places tourists visit is Lalibela, home to about 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches. You could also spend time with the natives and tribes in the valley.

  • Ethiopia’s Landscape

Ethiopia has a large and diverse landscape. You could enjoy the Mountains of Gheralta, the Simien mountains’ canyons, the Jungle and Mighty river of Omo Valley, and the Fertile Great Rift Valley in the south.

Ethiopia also has someexciting features, such as the Danakil Depression: a lava field known to be the hottest place in the world. It cuts at about 410 feet below sea level.


To enjoy your trip, you could book a tour guide to help make your trip comfortable. Also, ensure to switch to a local sim to stay connected. If you want to enjoy your trip fully, you may have to stay up to three weeks. Lastly, ensure you go without a biased mind. Just enjoy your stay!

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