Planned truck transit parks to provide 15,000 jobs ―Survey

Not less than 15,000 job opportunities will be created by the planned Truck Transit Parks (TTPs) sited in eight locations across eight states of the federation, an independent commissioned survey report has revealed.

TTP is a modern transport infrastructure developed by the Federal Government through the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) to facilitate trade in the country and ensure safety of lives on the highways. The facility has in-built business incubation centers to boost the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as other recreational facilities.

In his presentation at the just concluded Enugu International Trade Fair, the Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NSC, Barr Hassan Bello, said: “A Truck Transit Park is a public rest area located off the road, designed to provide temporary rest location for truck drivers. It is primarily intended for short-term safety breaks and also longer-term parking services in high-use transport corridors.

“Some of the facilities in a TTP include: Fuel stations, restaurants, mechanic workshops, health clinics, hotels/motels, shopping and recreation centres, training and cargo tracking centres.”

Barrister Hassan Bello who was represented by the Deputy Director, Public Private Partnership (PPP) of the NSC, Mr Glory Onojedo, made his presentation with the title: “Economic Regulation and Effective Trucking In Nigeria”.

According to the Shippers Council boss, “Transport is a critical determinant in the conduct of international trade and impacts on national economies. The availability, quality, cost and efficiency of transport services influence the trading environment and the competitiveness of export goods on the international market as well as the cost of imported goods. In this regard, the Nigerian Shippers’ Council serves as an agent for economic development through interventions in the cost moderation and cargo transport issues resulting in positive impact on inflationary trend in the country.

“A recent survey has revealed that TTPs has the potential to provide more than 15,000 job opportunities.”

He also explained that as part of its ports economic regulatory duties, NSC is to liaise with the host state governments of the TTPs to ensure the provision of the infrastructure and other facilities on the project sites.

Eight locations were identified as economically viable for the construction of the TTPs and they are: Port Novo Creek, Lagos State; Ogere, Ogun State; Onitsha,Anambra State; Jebba,Kwara State; Lokoja, Kogi State; Ore, Ondo State; Obollo-Afor, Enugu State.

So far, Kogi State Government has allocated about 45 hectares of land at Ohono village along Lokoja-Abuja highway for TTP project, while Enugu State Government has allocated about 50 acres of land at Obollo-Afor in Udenu Local Government Area for TTP project.

Kaduna State Government is developing TTP projects at Mararaban Jos, Tafa and Buruku for heavy duty trucks, as two locations have been procured while the third one is expected soon.

According to Bello, the TTP projects will be delivered through public private partnership, which entails mobilizing private sector resources for national development, adding that the TTP project is one of the strategies to fast-track the bridging of infrastructure deficit particularly in the transport sector.

Bello noted that the position of Transaction Adviser for the TTP has been tendered for and the selection process was on-going, adding that it is the responsibility of the host state governments to identify and allocate suitable land free of all encumbrances; provide basic infrastructure such as electricity, water, access road and security.


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