Pepe Records unveils new act, Yano

Born Dantala Alimusa in Borno State and growing up in Lagos with a family of six, at the age of 12, he began singing and writing his own songs. At 16, he professionally began a career with his eclectic sound that fused pop, dancehall, highlife and trap.

Yano, who defined his genre as ‘good sound’, brings a distinct and original voice to a saturated industry of sound alikes. Passion has driven him up until this point, a trait that stood out and earned him the Pepe Records deal. On how he got signed, an instagram post from the artiste where he was playing his music in the background got him a sit down with the Pepe Records label rep and shortly after, discussions were wrapped up and he got signed.

‘Now the only plan (as it is) is just to put out as many singles so the fans and industry can see what the label saw before the signed and we take it from there’, Yano said. ‘I am excited about my upcoming new single titled ‘Free Yourself,’ which gives a tip of what to expect,’ the young singer added.