Patela Care Foundation (PCF) commemorates International childhood cancer day 2020

PCF joins the global campaign in promoting cancer awareness, advocacy and providing psychosocial -financial support.
PCF was at Paediatric Oncology Wards, UCH Ibadan to donate chemotherapy drugs, pharmaceutical items and love gifts. The E.D Dr Foluke Sarimiye said it is always a heartwarming event and glad that government, NGOs and stakeholders are putting more effort to improve the quality of life of individuals and families challenged with cancer.
PCF was recieved by
The CMD of UCH, Prof Jesse Otegbayo,
Prof Brown ( Head Peadiatric Oncology board UCH, Ibadan)
Mr Oyetunji ( Head of Hospital Services Department UCH, Ibadan)
Dr Akin Odanye( Clinical Psychologist UCH Ibadan)
ADN Adebimpe( Paediatric Nursing coordinator)
Dr Oluleye (SR Peadiatrics), the lovely children and their guardians.

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