Palm Sunday: Clergyman urges Nigerian leaders to emulate Christ’s humility

REV EmmanueI Agboola of the Faith Baptist Church, Ibadan, has urged Nigerian leaders to imbibe the leadership style of humility and service that Jesus Christ portrayed while on earth.

Agboola made the appeal while delivering a sermon at a church service to mark the celebration of the Palm Sunday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that Palm Sunday is celebrated by Christians across the world to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

Agboola said that Jesus entered into Jerusalem riding on a young donkey.

“This was the Messiah that the Jews were anxiously waiting for, saviour that would bring back the glory of Israel.

“They expected him to rid their nation of oppressors, restore the kingdom of Israel and rule benevolently.

“Rather, Jesus chose to come humbly on a donkey rather than a war horse; donkey embodies the peace and tranquillity that God brings to His people,’’ he said.

He said that Christ as the true king rather came to sacrifice himself for the redemption of man.

“Through his death on the cross he made way for us to have a relationship with God.

“He has come to dwell in the hearts of men and turn people’s heart to God, so that we may reign with him when he comes back.

“We are to open ourselves to him, let Him dwell in us,’’ he said.

He admonished Christians on Godly living to honour Christ for his sacrifice for mankind.

“We rightly honour Jesus by our care for the things of God.

“When we sacrifice our time and energy and possessions, we honour him,’’ he said.

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