Our favourite activities during inter-house sports

Respondents are pupils of FEDMAT COLLEGE, Olorunda Abaa Road, Akobo, Ibadan, Oyo State

Victoria Mayomikun Okunade, JSS 3

I was in green house during the last inter house sports my school held. My favourite activities were running 200 meters and high jump. As an individual, I perform better in shorter races than longer ones, enjoy high jump because I am not a plus-size girl and I can lift my body well. My house performed excellently in many activities like high jump, javelin, lawn tennis, etc and at the end of the competition, it took the second position. If I had a choice, I would have picked red house because I love the colour. I learnt from the competition that there is nothing you cannot do as long as you are determined as well as the acts of sportsmanship.


Joshua Praise Olakunle, JSS 1

I see inter house sports not only as fun but also a platform to discover your hidden talents. I belonged to yellow house which came fourth among all but we were above board in volley ball and short-put because we employed the spirit of team work; I could not have made a better choice of house. However, I would have loved run 200m race. I enjoyed the games I participated in (football and high jump) because I am passionate about them.


Ayobami Emmanuel Olusegun, SSS 2

My favourite activities during our inter house sports were football and volley ball because I have the necessary skills which made me the best player in volley ball. I am talented in goal keeping. My house, blue house came first at the end of the competition as we performed well in many activities- football, discus, 800m race, and more.  I would not have picked another house and I was happy we were the overall best. I learnt that it is not good to boast, because those who did took last position.


Oyinade Aishat Oyelere, SSS 3

I derive pleasure in throwing things and also have endurance for long races during inter house sports. This gave me an edge over other athletes so I threw discus and ran 800m race. I was glad that I was in the blue house which eventually took the first position. I would choose my game and house over and over again. To become a winner in life, one must be determined, believe in oneself and ignore negative comments.


Eniola Best Ibitoye, JSS 2

I have a stature which puts me at an advantage to run races so I ran 100m and 200m races for the red house though I would have loved to be in green house. I also threw javelin. Our strength in red house is racing and our performance was excellent with the house taking the third position at the end of the competition.


Elisha Taiwo Olukunle, JSS 3

During our last inter house sports, I received the short-put prize for the yellow house and for football we strived for the second position but we came 4th among other houses.  Obviously, cooperation and teamwork earned my house excellent performances in volley ball and football. In all I came up with this statement ‘in good times (when we win), we celebrate so also during bad times, we should remember the good times.


Iyitoni Owabumowa, SSS 2

My favourite games were throwing javelin and short-put because when I throw objects, they go farther than people expect. I wish I participated in 100m race and discus too. My house, yellow, house was the best among others in short put, 100m race and lawn tennis because it has a lot of skilled players and athletes. We tried our best in all games but we came fourth at the end of the competition and from that, I learnt how to endure in the course of a pursuit. You must never give up even when you are losing.


Semilore Paul Folarin, SSS 3

I have passion for races and inter house sports is an avenue to show my superiority among other athletes. I was in yellow house but I would have chosen blue house if I had freedom to make a choice. So also, I would have participated in long jump and discus too. We were the best in volley ball because we cooperated with one another.


Gideon Aina, SSS 1

My favourite games during our inter house sports were javelin and lawn tennis. The reason I like javelin is because it tests one’s strength and everybody tries to throw further. I like lawn tennis because one exercises one’s flexibility, skills and I am glad that I possess the skill. I was in green house and we came second because of our determination. I would have picked a lot of games like basket ball, high jump long jump and table tennis if I was asked to make a choice as well as the choice of blue house which is my favourite colour. My house had good athletes so we did well in 800m race (girls’), table tennis and high jump. Determination and resilience yield great result.


Oluwasikemi Abayomi, SSS 1

I enjoyed 200m race and throwing javelin because I am talented in throwing things so I get along with it easily. I cannot endure long distance races so if I had  a choice, I would have picked 100m race and throwing of discus. My house was diligent, determined and persisted in all activities so we recorded successes in races, high jump, javelin and some others. Lessons learnt from the sports competition is that performing excellently is not by mouth, it is majorly by actions and determination. In addition to these, in order to win, you have to sacrifice time, energy and efforts.

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