Other sexual skills in marriage

We have considered most of the necessary skills for marital sex such as sex positions, foreplay, and kissing. Today, we will just wrap it up by considering some other skills that can be deployed for great sex in marriage. Let me emphasize again that these skills are of utmost importance to a great sex life for the married. Only those who can master them are guaranteed a marriage that can weather through any storm, to ensure it success.

Let us look at the following other issues involved in skillful marital sex.

  1. Thrusting

In having sex at all, the man must be able to thrust in and out of the wife’s private part. This thrusting requires him to be able to maintain a hard erection, without which the whole sex act will end in a disaster. It is with a hard erection that the husband can take the wife to the zenith of sexual enjoyment. With a hard erection, the husband will now be able to thrust back and forth or better stated, in and out of the private part of his wife. Now, thrusting also requires skill. Most men think that the thrusting must be deep inside to give the wife pleasure. Some women have also bought into this misconception as well, believing that only the man with a long rod can give them maximum sexual enjoyment. This is basically a fallacy. A man does not need to go deep to give a woman maximum sexual enjoyment. The nerves around the vagina walls are what produce the satisfaction. That is why some men complain when tightness is no longer in place. So, what the husband needs to master is how to meander in and out of the vagina, hitting its wall, thereby making sensual contact with the nerves. The more the husband is able to make contact with the nerves, the more the satisfaction for the husband and wife.

So, the thrusting should be quick, shallow and rocking. The wife also should assist with the effects by twisting her waist. With these combinations, the couple is able to strike the right chord for maximum ecstatic, sexual experience.

  1. Delayed ejaculation skill

In the process of foreplay, the tendency is there for the husband to come on quickly. To avoid the situation of sudden ejaculation, the couple must master how to delay ejaculation by adopting (a) withdrawal of the rod from the private part. This is for the husband to do, in order to prevent a quick ejaculation. He comes out intermittently to achieve the delayed ejaculation.

(b) The squeeze method for delayed ejaculation can also be adopted, with the wife squeezing the tip of the manhood intermittently. This will reduce the level of sensation, and thus able to buy more time to do more, lasting thrusting.

  1. Tonguing of the upper roof of the mouth of the husband also allows him to buy more time before getting into the full blast mode. When the husband does this, it reduces the building up of tension on his inside to ejaculate.
  2. Thought-shifting method

This is done by the husband as he shifts attention momentarily from the act of sex, to something else, like thinking about a debt to be paid, or a bill to be settled. This will shut down the sensual feeling for a while, and thus delay ejaculation.

In conclusion, both husband and wife need to cooperate in order to achieve a great sex life in the marriage. That it takes two to tango is really true in this wise. Two of them must master what ought to be done by each one to achieve the desired satisfaction. Otherwise, sexual enjoyment for the couple will not be achieved. I believe what we have shared so far will be a good lead for the couples to work within their marriages, to achieve a great sex life.


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