‘Only digitally savvy accountants will remain relevant after COVID-19’

The need for accountants to embrace change and leverage on technology in their operations has become more imperative than ever.

Director, School of Part-time studies, Crawford University, Professor Comfort Omoregie, identified this imperative at a seminar of the Professional Woman Accountants in Nigeria (PROWAN), held at State Secretariat, Ibadan, on Thursday.

According to Omoregie, the realities of COVID-19 has compelled accountants to possess a digital mindset and be versed in the use of digital tools for accounting practice.

She urged accountants to acquire up-to-date training to be able to use digital software packages for budgeting and financial reporting.

Delivering her own paper, South West coordinator, PROWAN, Mrs Fagbulu Olamide, stressed that accountants will only be relevant in today’s world if they were skilled in the use of digital technologies.

Describing computer as the new workmate of most professionals, Fagbulu urged accountants to go for refresher training, embrace the use of software to ease their operations.

With meetings now being done via zoom, due to COVID-19, Fagbulu added that in embracing digital technologies, overhead expenses of individuals and organisations are being reduced.

Also speaking, Chairman, Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, Oyo State, Professor Awobode Samuel, warned that the world was moving at such pace that only those who are digitally savvy will remain relevant.


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digitally savvy accountants

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