Only a peaceful Nigeria can survive 2023 —Cleric

Nigerians have been called upon to work for the enthronement of peace as the country prepares for general elections in 2023.

The call was made over the weekend in a statement jointly signed by the duo of Pastor David and Mrs Hannah Okediji of The Highway of Holiness Ministry, Ibadan copies of which was made available to newsmen to celebrate the Daughter of Zion Annual Congress (DOZAC 2022) which began on Wednesday and will end today.

The couple said the current security situation in Nigeria called for urgent introspection as many nations of the world are currently expending finances and other inputs to enforce peaceful coexistence among their citizens.

They called on the people of Nigeria to allow for what they called unhindered operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, saying “today, every nation of the world seek peace and even pay dearly to experience and sustain peace within individual nation and among all nations of the world.

“Peaceful co-existence is a major phenomenon in the policy statements and constitution of every nation who is a member of the United Nations Organization (UNO). It is pertinent to note that as much as many nations propound theories and budget for peace moves, we still have incidence of national crisis among workers union, student bodies, communities and families.

“Economic crisis, fuel scarcity, security hazards from bandits, kidnappers, motor accidents, outbreak of COVID 19  pandemic and other sicknesses and diseases, inter tribal wars and international wars among others are facing Nigerians and we are planning on having a major electoral session come 2023. All these are negating the plans put together by both national and international leaders to maintain peace and progress.

“The implication is that there is a vacuum which must be filled for our aspirations to have peace within and without to be fulfilled. The problem lies with lack of proper recognition of the role of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and what we must do as individuals and nation to encourage and secure His presence. Acts 10:38,Is. 61:1-4, Joel 2:28-30.  If our nation must be built  and experience true peace we must give place for unhindered operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.Ps. 45:6-7.

“For any nation to be built up or developed, she must enjoy absolute peace spiritually, physically, economically, politically, mentally, educationally, socially, security wise and culturally.

“All of these sectors make up the complete people of a nation and if they must enjoy life in its totality, there must be a positive driving force to make life comfortable in all these sectors. For instance in Nigeria, we are facing challenges of lack of peace in almost all the sectors of developmental processes, because of lack of peace and respect for the anointing and the anointed.

“The people of Israel in the bible days faced similar challenges but they chose to seek for peace from God and His anointed in order to overcome their problems of peace and growth. God promised victory for His people in every battle of life but the question is, do we recognize God as the builder of all things? Heb. 11:10. Do we acknowledge that victory belongs to God?”

The statement called on the people to retrace their steps from sin, in order to witness peace and progress, as well as to be at par with other developed nations in the world.

“In concluding this message to the nations, I want to draw your attention to few points mentioned in this to proffer solution to lack of peace and progress in our nations today.

“We must stay away from Sin and acknowledge the Prince of peace who can turn our bad stories to testimonies, we must recognize the proper place of the anointing and the anointed in every sector of our economy, we must embrace light and allow darkness to go,we must esteem the word of God above our worries and anxieties and have absolute faith and put our trust in God. Ps. 138:2b.”

The DOZAC 2022 has as its theme: ‘The Peaceful Woman’ and highlights of the programme include the 17th Anniversary Divine Support Fellowship, Couples, Singles and Children Dinner, workshops and exhibitions as well as marriage seminar.


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