Online Casino Industry Boom Because of COVID-19

COVID-19 and confinement could open up new perspectives. For example, the online casino market is growing rapidly. Isn’t it surprising?

The pandemic has resulted in the closure of casinos, gambling venues like bars, breweries, bingo halls, horse racing and more, as well as lottery offices. However, the gambling industry such as online casinos has experienced strong growth. Read on to find out MORE.

Coronavirus and Confinement—A Good Card for Online Casinos?

Yes, the gambling industry with its popular 777 slots gave birth to Reel Emperor, a new gambling platform. Also, there are some other modifications in the industry.

We can observe many changes in the online gaming world since the emergence of Covid-19. The UK Gambling Commission reports that the percentage of people gambling on the Internet has increased dramatically. It recorded an increase of

  • About 25% in the number of people trying to play slots online, and
  • About 38% in poker participation.

These increases are due to the fact that during the lockdown, people were locked in their homes and chose to play for fun.

Online Casinos—How the Closure Matters

Studies show a dramatic increase in online gambling during periods of COVID-19 lockdown. A joint study by Australian credit bureau and analytics from AlphaBeta found a 67% increase in online gambling in March 2021 alone, following the shutdown of all non-essential services due to COVID-19.

The figures, based on a transaction sample of 250,000 Australian consumers, show that the online gambling industry is one of the biggest winners from the shutdown.

The casino industry has always had an impact on the national economy. Indeed, with a turnover of $10.4 billion, it represents 11% of culture and leisure income. A figure that sinks if we take into account the evolution of the average stake of $200, which was tripled during confinement.

This indicates that in addition to the notoriety that e-casinos are gaining, they are seeing their turnover increase, due to the multiplicity of attendance and sums wagered. Certainly, the health crisis and the economic crisis are beneficial to the e-casino industry, which is seen more and more as a means of relaxation and profit. But more than anything, online casinos have made it possible, among other things, to secure jobs and reduce the unemployment rate, even during periods of confinement.



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