Oni, Fayemi can’t win Ekiti in 2018, Fayose boasts

Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose

•To inaugurate Oshoko insitutite of politics

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, on Friday, boasted that neither of the two ex-Governors Segun Oni, nor Kayode Fayemi would win if they contest the forthcoming 2018 gubernatorial poll in the state.

He said that neither of the two ex-governors had performed to such an admirable level that Ekiti people would give them a second chance like he was given.

Ex-governor Oni had on Wednesday met with leaders of the APC ‎in the state and declared his intention to formally enter the gubernatorial race next month.

Apparently reacting to the development, Fayose, according to a release by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, said: “Just because Ayo Fayose has won a second term to become governor of Ekiti, some people also think they can come back now, but I want to tell them that it is not possible.

“I am the man whole-heartedly loved by Ekiti people because many of the developmental projects that has brought great infrastructural and developmental advancement to Ekiti.

“If you go around Ekiti, you will see my handiwork dotting every nook and cranny of the state. This is why I am the man who every Ekiti people will follow in 2018.”

Governor Fayose who hinted that a public rally to celebrate three years of his election in June 21, 2014, would be held next Wednesday, June 21, and would include a procession of all political appointees and supporters of his government to “act as a show of force to intimidate his opponents,” said he is also inaugurating an institute of Oshoko politics to train his party members who would rally and sensitise Ekiti people on the need to continue his legacy by voting a candidate of his choice.

Speaking about the institute for politics which he named after his political alias name, Oshoko, Fayose said “the institute is to sustain our ideology, to work in the interest of the common man. They are to know what to do in election day. How to win election before the D Day by being part of the people.

“It is an institution where you would be trained to be a leader that is washing the feet of others. They will be learning the Oshoko (Fayose’s alias name) and learning what Oshoko represent. And from here everyone of them would go back to their grassroots to lead their polling booths.

“Already, we have 20 of our people in each of the polling booths now, but we are not satisfied with the 20, we want our people to go back and increase the number to a minimum of 50 per polling booth. When you aggregate 50 times 195, that gives you about 100,000 and it is easy.

“The era of using money to lure people is gone. Now, everyone must stay in their polling booths during the election. We are inaugurating this office on Wednesday when we will be celebrating three years of my election in 2014. You would recall that APC said that election was militarised but this time they own the army, INEC police and all that. When we disgrace them again with votes, the whole world will know the difference.

We will sensitise the whole world. Observers would be here and the world will know who is on ground. I am fully prepared for this election. And very confident that we will win.

Let me tell you expressly, if money bags politics had worked in other states, it cannot work here. I am an authority here. Before the 2018 elections, you will see the difference between us and the opposition.

“You can measure a man by his body language and his environment. I am the father of their fathers and the husband of their mothers’ husbands in this game. They know me. Some of them who are former governors and are trying to come back because Fayose has come back, there is no harm in trying but they will all fail,” Fayose said.


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