One who stood by you when you had nothing or one who made you wealthy: Who will you marry? 

RELATIONSHIP opens us to various opportunities and individuals.  Some which are life-saving, beneficial as well as encouraging. Same are with individuals. Some are acquaintances, friends, colleagues, helpers and date. Only one in the category of persons end up to be who we spend the rest of life with.

In life, every individual that comes our path either leaves a memory to cherish or regret. While some are die hard encouragers, who see that we are the best in whatsoever we find ourselves doing, some are blessed with great influence and wealth that helps project us to achieving our set goals. Hence, as a bachelor or spinster who has his/her eyes on the mark to get married and is faced with the choice of one who stood by you when you had nothing or one who made you wealthy, who will you marry?

On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our experts said on the issue.


Joshua Adeniyi

As for me I’ll chose someone who stood by me when I had nothing since I have the conviction that she’s mine. I’ll count the other as a helper which I used as a stepping stone. Yoruba adage says ‘Ti eyan ko ba reni bala ola kii ya.’


Jewel Nwokogu

A lady or a guy can be with you over the years and at some point, you get to realise that what you feel for each other is sympathy not true love. Most people have ended up in a marriage based on the premise of sympathy termed love. It is possible that the one who supported you to be wealthy might reignite that fire of love. But truth be told, if it’s sympathy please tell her the truth; I know it hurts but time heals. But sincerely 90% would settle with the one who made them wealthy before settling with the one who stood by you.


Samuel Ibiyemi

Two is better than one because they help each other to succeed. It boils down to love.


Daniel Ugbizobo

I will settle for the one that stood by me when I was nothing, while the one that made me wealthy would be a part of my family member.


Ben Idewor

Marriage is not a compensation for hardwork or for the other partner’s love. It is a mutual agreement between two consenting and compatible individuals to live with each other, share liabilities and assets, and build a friendship that may last forever. The key words are consent and compatibility. Every other thing is irrelevant.


Taiwo Ahmed

It’s complicated. But I will marry the one who loves me most since both have sacrificed for me. Not alone – but one who is my best friend because love is not enough in relationship, let alone in marriage. So, I will go for love and friendship.

Adedolapo Oduniyi

I will choose and marry the one who stays with me right from the beginning because we will have crossed the rough road together, build ourselves up and achieve all things together rather than marry or be with person who made me wealthy. Some that don’t fall into this category will always remind you how they pick, you up, clothed you, feed you and such woman will not be submissive to her husband.


Lanre Oseni

The uncertainty of someone that stood by you when things became better and the uncertainty of later arrogance or submissiveness puts one again in uncertainty over who to decide on marrying between the two scenarios! That who stood by you may later become stubborn, uncontrollable and a later day be a cog in the wheel of progress and that, marriage instability may set in. That who made one to become wealthy may become arrogant, fully assuming and uncontrollable! With potent prayers, I will settle for that who stood by me when the road was rough.


Expert Speaks

Luke Ishola is our expert on this issue. Relationship is something that just don’t erupt; it starts from somewhere. Having a stable relationship from the beginning gives one edge that all will be well at last. Yoruba usual says, Rivers that forget its source will dry. The source of the strength lies in encouragement and the encourager. This simply means that, the foundation of a thing should never be blot out. In this sense, it is best advised to cling and spend the rest of my life with the one that stood by you. You have known who she is and all her sacrifice for you that help you thus far. Note that, without God using her to stand by you, where would you have been. The one who makes you rich might love you but would still have some doubts and can’t be totally depended on. True, she gave you the influence and the wealth but not all helpers are meant for the bed. Some are meant to be your friends and acquaintance so as not to lose the savour of the relationship built.

Also, going into such relationship or marriage puts you in a vulnerable position except with matured minds because if there is any misunderstanding, he/she might make a reference to such favour. Although, one who stood by me might do the same, the logical reason between both are quite different. To the best of knowledge, marrying one who stood with you when you had nothing would be the best because you were both open lives with each other and have traveled far before the wealth came.

Next week on WhatsApp Conversation, we would be treating: Would you accept to end your blossoming career for your marriage?


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