Ondo explosion: I prayed against death as church collapsed on us –Church founder

HAKEEM GBADAMOSI speaks to the General Overseer of Possibility Prayer Ground for all Nations, Prophetess Olayemi Adesida, on the explosion that rocked the area on Saturday.

Can you explain how the incident happened?

I was in the church around midnight when suddenly I heard a loud sound and before I knew what was happening, the whole church had collapsed on me. I started praying, calling for help from the Holy Spirit to save me and others in the church. I started praying against the death of any of the church members under the rubble and the good Lord saved us all.


What about the others; where are they now?

They are all alive, though they are still in the hospital; they are not in critical condition.


How many of them?

About 10 people were injured, but they are stable now at the hospital.

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Can you quantify the level of destruction here?

All the 18 structures within the compound are affected. No single house is left, all the 18 houses and the church are destroyed and how do we quantify that? But I bless God for saving our lives. We cannot quantify it all. Is it the buildings or the property inside the houses that we will talk about? But I say it once again that I am very grateful to God for saving our lives. He is a wonderful God.


It was learnt the church always organises vigil on Fridays…?

Not every Friday, but the first Friday of the month and the first three days of the month. But I bless God it happened when the church was almost empty.


You sustained some injuries…?

No, just a cut in the face and I have been treated at the hospital where they rushed me to.


What do you want from the government?

We beg for government’s assistance. This is not what the church or the community can handle. We are seriously overwhelmed by the destruction. I call on the state and federal governments to assist us in rebuilding these structures. We cannot do it all alone. It is beyond our capacity.

I have been here for over 18 years and we have never witnessed something like this. And all these structures are solidly built, but we thank God.



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