On youth unemployment

YOUTH unemployment has become a nightmare in Nigeria; young people account for two thirds of Nigeria’s unemployed and underemployed. One unique feature of the economic growth problem in Nigeria is its inability to create more jobs, considering the growing youth population, estimated to reach 135 million by 2020, this is a significant concern. With the high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria it has and is still causing setback for the country. Youths are found wandering all around the country with no job.

Universities produce thousands of graduates every year, giving rise to high unemployment rate. This has made many youths to get involved in many social vices

There is no problem without a cause, major cause of unemployment in Nigeria includes high and rapid population growth; there has been an increase in the growth of the labour forces, along with the inadequate supply of jobs. The rapid population growth has been coupled with rural-urban migration, which has increased the population in cities, thereby,  raising the level of joblessness. Others include unstable and corrupt political environment, poor leadership, high level of corruption, lack of quality education, lack of infrastructure, good roads, steady and sustainable power supply and recession.

Solving this menace will take a lot of sacrifice and reorientation, like the present #changebeginswithme advocacy. To overcome the crisis of unemployment in Nigeria, the governments must be effective in performing their duties. A socio-economic environment should be created. The government needs to foresee looming crisis and take all possible actions to prevent it. It is also very important to understand the scope and types of unemployment in Nigeria.

The government is to consider each sector of the economy and to provide the necessary infrastructure and industrial friendly environment.

Agriculture is one of the major sectors and the government has to do everything possible to attract private investors. Thus, creating new job opportunities.

Improvement of energy supply and transport system will cut the high cost of production. So, there will be no need to cut jobs.

The educational system needs to be reformed in order to produce skilled graduates, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Nigerians also have to play their part in reducing the level of unemployment in the country. We need to change our attitude to the future of the country during the election period. We need to understand our responsibility. We should vote for people with credibility, answers and readiness to work. This will determine the conditions of life in the country. Our future is in our hands.

  • Abdulhamid Abdullahi Aliyu