On visa ban on Nigeria: Open letter to Donald Trump

It is with great patriotism and enthusiasm that I write as a concerned Nigerian to plead with you to have mercy on innocent Nigerians and rescind your decision on the recent visa ban placed on Nigerians.

Truth be told, Nigeria is facing serious security challenges and we need the assistance of government of the United States of America; this is not the right time for the USA government to ban Nigerians.

The USA should not close its doors against ordinary innocent Nigerian citizens. I want you to think of the negative effect this ban will have on Nigeria and Nigerians.

A question that should be asked is who is to blame for the ban placed on Nigeria? Nigerian leaders are to blame. What does Nigeria need to do to convince the USA to lift the ban? President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to declare total war on terrorists Recently, It was reported that the US government killed Iraq Army General, Suleimon Qaseem; members of the Islamic movement of Shiites in Nigeria took to the streets to protest the killing of the said Iraq General and burnt the American Flag openly. I expected the Nigerian government to take decisive step to arrest these people for setting the American Flag ablaze but no single arrest was made.

It is not every Nigerian that is a terrorist. The USA government should take note of this.


Jimoh Mumin Esq.


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