On freedom of Boko Haram members

After killing to with abandon, our leaders have realised that it’s good to commend the efforts of callous killers who do not possess   human feelings. Or isn’t it a way of commending retired Boko Haram members for the killings, atrocities, carnage and maiming over the years with national agency for education, rehabilitation, de-radicalisation and integration of insurgents in the country?

The bill was sponsored by Senator Ibrahim Gaidam during plenary at the upper chamber of the National Assembly and captioned ‘National Agency for the Education, Rehabilitation, De-radicalisation and Integration of repentant insurgents in Nigeria’ ( Est, etc) Bill 2020( SB. 340 ).

I cannot but imagine the type of leaders we have in Nigeria. Sometimes, I do think maybe there is something mixed together with the breeze they inhale from air conditions in the chamber that normally triggers shallow bills. Instead i would prefer we have an agency that will look into the well-being of the wives, sons and daughters of our fallen heroes.

Many Nigerians living in the North East region are homeless, hapless and fatherless, many houses burnt, properties worth millions destroyed. Many housewives had turned into widows while parents that await the return of their soldier sons are left behind the daydreaming scene till now. What other depression is more than fighting war that has no definite stoppage time. We are just praying for the labour of our heroes not to be in vain; how will it not be in vain when the killers are being granted freedom?

Recently, 1400 Boko Haram members were released in three batches since operation safe corridor began. Operation safe corridor is an initiative for the deradicalisation and rehabilitation of all exBoko Haram members. The first set was released during Governor Shettima’s time while two sets have been released under Prof Zulum while Shekau,  speaking on Chibok girls, said the only way to have those girls back is for their men in prison to be released.

After the release of 1400 wicked men, no one sees the break light of Chibok girls. What we saw was another bomb blast. It is out of point for the Muhammadu Buhari administration to free captured Boko Haram members.

A video threatening President Buhari and the Honourable Minister of communication has shown that things have finally fallen apart and the labour of these heroes that left their comfort zones to combat Boko Bombs seems to be in vain just because the way and manner the Nigerian government is handling the matter is getting worrisome. If not, why would government grant freedom to the suspected killers?

Just of recent after President’s Buhari’s visitation to Borno, about 30 innocent lives were sent to the world beyond. Tell me, is it now normal for the government to release these killers and still attempt to create agency for them while Chibok girls, Leah Sharibu and others are still in their dungeon? It’s like giving kudos to them to have succeeded in terrorising the country.


Usman Issa Olabanji,


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