On epileptic power supply in Nigeria

Nigeria, also known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is located on the western coast of Africa. Different vices have led to the underdevelopment of the country and continuous degradation of our resources, vices and negative values like theft, intolerance, greed, selfishness and so on.

Nigeria is one of the top ten African countries with low power supply. The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is the organization or body coordinating and controlling power supply in the country. Over the years, the electricity distribution company in Nigeria has not done their best. The country has become a dark country, citizens pay high electricity bills and do not get value for their money, the power supplied is either short or dull. Sometimes, the electricity will not even be supplied for many days due to the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the method used in distributing electrical power in the country.

Individuals in the society, in a bid to find a remedy to this disgraceful cause, have bought generators to supplement the low supply of power. Some individuals have started using pre-paid meters and so on.

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To curb this epileptic power supply in the country, the government or PHCN should look for other means to provide electricity for the people in the country. Methods like solar panels that can conduct the heat supplied by the sun, converting solar energy to electrical energy, should be created. Also, use of wind turbines, when these wind turbines continue to roll clockwise, they convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, thereby, providing electrical power. Also, new generators and transformers should be created to carry and supply electricity for a very long period of time, if not twenty-four hours, twelve hours in a day.



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