Of churches and palliatives for members, community

Besides spiritual encouragement, people also need the assurance that when they are in need, they will get the help.

This has been put into practice by an orthodox church, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Odo-Ona, Ibadan, under Ibadan South Diocese, Anglican Communion, where the Vicar of the church, Venerable Isaac Adeyemi Jesulola, who is also the Archdeacon of Odo-Ona Archdeaconry, presented his ideas on assisting people during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Two weeks ago when coronavirus was becoming too alarming in many parts of the world,  with abnormal fear, panic, anxiety and hopelessness with towering ramifications on human health, financial security, social life and future goals, the vicar of the church, Venerable Dr Isaac Adeyemi Jesulola, wrote on the church’s WhatsApp group called SPACO MEDIA what he thought should be done during this pandemic COVID-19 virus.

He conceived the idea of sharing a welfare pack for Odo-Ona residents, since a lot of people in the area are low-income earners and semi-literates who do not have access to the internet and phones. He proposed that the church’s pack would contain rice and beans, mini hand sanitizers, gloves, face masks. This has since been implemented.

The church also distributed tracts produced by SPACO to educate people on COVID-19 and strengthen their faith. These were written in English and Yoruba languages as a means of evangelism.

The church also made a video clip to address three things: strengthen people and encourage them to keep their faith and at same time maintain good hygiene practices, sharing Coro-Love Pack to all and appealing to people to support the sustainability of the project. This project will lapse when the pandemic ends.

Already, people are benefitting from the Coro-Love Project. Both members and outsiders in Odo-Ona Apata community are benefitting without any discrimination in terms of religion. This is what is expected of the government, Church, politicians and the rich in the country at this time. God bless those that have been doing the same and I pray others can follow suit.


Abiola Oyedeji,








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