Obi Cubana’s lavish mother’s burial: He did no wrong ―Princess Chineke

Following criticisms from those who berated entrepreneur and nightlife boss, Obi Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana over the lavish ceremony of the burial of his mother in Oba, Anambra State saying that his action and that of his friends is a negative influence on the youths, actress, Princess Chineke has come hard on critics saying that Iyiebgu did no wrong.

Explaining her reasons, the U.S. based beauty queen and model said that, “It’s funny how people are concerned. It’s funny how people are disturbed on how the negative effect of Cubana’s party would have on the youths, when it’s more of positivity for those with insight that can see. We share the same television screen but grasp different views. I have been sitting here counting the number of people that cashed out. Let’s talk about the event planner, the caterers, the clothes they wore, drinks suppliers, ‘oga boy’ that washed oga cars before they left the house, etc, do you know the number of people that will like to visit Oba some day? Do you know the number of new customers, business opportunities for Cubana Group of companies?

“Aside from all these, money was in circulation. Some people got money to pay their house rents, school fees, feeding money among others, so it turned out well.

“I haven’t met the Cubana Chief Priest but I have so much respect for his creative craft. He is indeed a born salesman/promoter/ business man. The road wasn’t smooth for chief priest and are our youths that patient to practice apprenticeship? I also think his wife deserves kudos to have supported him all the way instead of nagging like many young ladies do nowadays.

“I saw a video of him talking about a drink passionately using an international sales method; the age of the wine, who should buy it and all that and thereafter concluded that that is what they would drink that night. At a party, I’m sure he would sell you anything even in his dream. Are our youths ready to push their passion anytime, anywhere? They should not make the party look like a negative influence on the youths. These men are in their 40s, 50s, and if the youths are in these age brackets and have worked hard and smart why not? Not a teenager or one in his early twenties who hasn’t worked towards success clamouring to achieve such a glamorous lifestyle.

“Again, business, as we all know, thrives on relationships, if he hasn’t impacted on those people positively, trust me he won’t get such massive turn up. You never know, the young hard-working man beside you might be the next Cubana. Support people, friends, family business, so they can grow and support you too. Don’t wait till they are made”, she said.



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