No more sitting on the floor for pupils as Abuja primary school gets donation of 40 desks

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) Abuja chapter has donated 40 desks to LEA Primary School Durumi 1 in Abuja as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Tribune Online learnt that previously, the pupils sat on the floor while learning, a situation that moved the group to intervene. 

While presenting the desks to the head teacher of the school, the chairman BAN Abuja chapter, Valentine Akus said they (BAN) believe that education is the bedrock of every society. 

Akus said BAN also believes that primary education is the foundation stage of school which needs to be made conducive for pupils so that they could be encouraged to learn. 

“I believe education is the bedrock of growth in any society and the environment where people learn is conducive, it gives them more zeal to come to school and learn and if it is not conducive, it will not encourage the pupils to go to school and learn.

“Primary school is like the foundation of education, if you get it right from primary school, every other stage of education can come naturally, but when it is not properly done in the primary school, you will be fighting to correct from the other stages.

“We believe that trying to give pupils in the primary school a better learning environment will give them more commitment and zeal.

“As an immediate intervention, we have donated 40 desks for the children because before we came here, most of them were sitting on the floor while learning, and it is not good enough and we decided to intervene.”

Victor Ifemesia, chairman Joint Committee on CSR Brodas Across Nigeria, Abuja Chapter said during their visit to the school, they observed that the pupils were sitting on the floor while learning. 

“I was put in charge to ensure we produce and deliver these desks to the pupils who were previously sitting on the floor and that is exactly what we did today.

“When we visited the school, we observed that the classrooms were lacking infrastructures and we initially thought of renovating one classroom, but the headteacher said their pressing need is desks because the pupils were sitting on the floor while learning,” he noted. 

While responding, the Head Teacher of the School, Mrs Suleiman Augustina commended BAN for the gesture. 

While seeking more interventions, Mrs Augustina noted that the desks will go a long way in encouraging the pupils to learn. 

“These seats you have donated to us will go a long way in helping the children and see them through their education process. Some of my children were sitting on the floor. If a child is sitting on the floor, the child cannot write very well, the child cannot learn very well and the child will be discouraged to go to school.

“So, I thank you very much on behalf of the school for donating these desks, and we pray that God will continue to uplift you. We still need more interventions because education is the responsibility of all and the government is doing their best, but it is not enough for us”, she added.



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