NLC pickets NECA over ‘anti-labour activities’

The Comrade Joe Ajaero-led Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) picketed the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) on Friday to protest alleged anti-worker activities by the association.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Comrade Ajaero said “it has become important that we address you at this time to explain the unfortunate events that happened today in our campaign to liberate Nigerian workers from further enslavement and oppression by the overlords in the banking and other sectors of the economy as led by NECA under the leadership of Mr. Olusegun Oshinowo.

“Nigerian workers led by NLC went on a peaceful protest to NECA to draw attention of the public to the continued enslavement of workers in Nigeria, especially in the banking sector by employers.”

Explaining the scenario, he alleged that NECA brought in armed thugs who beat up journalists, inflicted injuries on workers and onlookers and stole cameras, phones, money and other personal belongings.

“We want Nigerians and employers to note that we decided not to respond to NECA’s violence not out of weakness or incapacity for violence but because we operate from a higher moral pedestal.

“To have done otherwise would have detracted from the purpose of our engagement and played into hands of traducers of labour,” he said.

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