Nigerians yearning for restructuring —Farounbi

NIGERIA’s former Ambassador to Philippines, Dr Yemi Farounbi has reiterated that the push for restructuring by Nigerians became imperative because the current foundation of the country could not sustain a befitting development agenda expected to take the country to the Promised Land.

Farounbi made the declaration while delivering a lecture entitled Christians in the nation building, at a programme tagged: Christians in nation building, organised by the Christians Association of Nigeria, (CAN)  Ibadan North Local Government Chapter, held at Salem Baptist Church Yemetu, Ibadan.

He said Nigerians had continually made reference to their past regarded as the best era in the developmental history of the country.

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“A country that looks backward for its greatness, is not an ideal country. If you are in a country and each time you remember the past, you’re always pleased and even okay with the memories, then that means a lot of people are suffering, and that means the country is in a financial mess.

“Our people are yearning for restructuring just because our foundation is shaking. It reminds us of the good works of our great leader, such late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. They put in their best for the people of their regions, offered us good, free, qualitative education and health services, including unrivalled physical developmental growth, among other basic amenities.

“During that era, Awolowo and Azikwe developed their zones at the level of competition and this actually helped our society a lot, in terms of structural development and even man- power development. The then structure of governance gave room for development and a better society was the result we got then”

“What we have now is an over burden system that is not competitive, which is affecting the entire masses a lot. If we want to do restructuring, let us do the one that will be a reasonable one, because some saying we should create more states, but there are some states that cannot pay their workers’ salaries as at when due,” Farounbi stated.

He also charged Christians   to join any political parties of their choice and must be ready to make positive impacts.

“Christians should choose any political parties of their choice, and they should be part of the process, but shun any ungodly acts or behaviour that most politicians were known for.

“It is only if you join politics that you will be able to select a good leader and that good and God-fearing leader will surely rule with the fear of God,” he added.

The Chairman of the group, Wale Adewumi, also urged Christians and other citizens to join hands in order make Nigeria work again.

He said: “The third force that will transform Nigeria is not going to be political. They have to come together as stakeholders. The Church and Christians at large should come together to salvage Nigeria. It is a vital constituency that can form a third force and rescue Nigeria from its current mess.”