Nigerians with good intention must join politics ― Aborisade

President of National Movement for Positive Change(NMPC), Barrister Niyi Aborisade has called on Nigerians with good intention to join politics towards effecting the desired positive change in the country.

Aborisade, United Kingdom-based legal practitioner disclosed this while speaking with journalists during a book launch titled “Voice for positive change Nigeria” held at the mini hall, Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, at the weekend.

Aborishade, who stressed the need for positive change in the country, said that current politicians in the country have no core political ideology to affect the desired positive change.

According to him: “Actually, I put pen on paper because I think we need a positive change in Nigeria. The current political system is very bad. The current politicians have no core political ideology to make any positive change.

“I have been studying the political terrain for many years, I discovered that we have rejected politics for bad people and since bad tree cannot produce good fruits, I think all people of good intention should come and join politics.

“This is the reason why I am joining politics. Enough of timidity. Enough of fear. All people with good intention should come to Nigeria whether home or abroad and get involved in politics if we want any positive change,” he said.

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He added that failure to get involved would only allow the current politicians to fill their bellies without any core political ideology, saying such will hinder positive change.

Aborisade said that Nigerians needed to embrace cultural and industrial revolution, adding industrial revolution could only succeed with the cultural revolution.

“We need to create awareness of who we are, what we are and what we can do. If we can do that and appreciate what we are producing locally, then whatever we are producing industrial wise will make a positive change.

“We make that change if we can embrace and encourage people to produce more, and keep things locally instead of relying on importation of goods from abroad that is taking much of our foreign exchange,” he said.

Aborisade suggested that the National Assembly(NASS) be made part-time, saying those going to NASS are not going there to make changes or make laws, but for the money involved.

“It is part of what I wrote in the book that the National Assembly need not be a full-time job. This will reduce the money expended on the National Assembly if we can make it part-time and less attractive,” he said.

He, therefore, called on the people to resist the influence of money in selecting their leaders, urging them not to allow politicians to purchase their conscience.

According to him: “Your vote is your power. It is the only power that can make a change. Refuse to sell your conscience, refuse to mortgage your soul because of money or bag of rice that would soon disappear. Vote on principle, vote on ideology.”

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