Nigerians in Diaspora seek release of Igboho from Benin prison

• Urges DSS to release two other aides in detention

The Oodua Worldwide, a Diaspora pro-Yoruba socio-cultural group, has called for an unconditional and urgent release of Yoruba self-determination activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) and his aides, still in detention.

The group made the call, just as it commended the efforts of notable Yoruba traditional rulers and leaders, towards the recent release of some of Igboho’s aides from the Directorate of State Security (DSS) detention.

The President of the Oodua Worldwide, a Canadian based organisation, Prince Adewale Julius Ojo in a statement, on Monday, said the government of Nigeria should fast track the release of Igboho from the Benin Republic prison.

According to him, “prompt and unconditional release of Igboho is what can give a credible and unbiased face to a government that is now being seen by many as one with a mission to subdue other nations in Nigeria to favour one.

“The lingering influx of notable Yoruba leaders to the Benin Republic and the overwhelming support for Igboho’s course by many Yoruba in Nigeria are clear proof that he was only championing the opinion of Yoruba people, majority of who feel so shortchanged in the present Nigerian arrangement and are clamouring for change.”

The Oodua Worldwide maintained that Igboho was fighting a just course that should not attract the big stick wielded by the federal government.

The group posited that self-determination agitation is a fundamental human right that should not be met with stiff resistance as being demonstrated by the Nigerian government.

“We are making this urgent demand that Igboho and his remaining aides in detention should be released immediately to avert a looming danger hovering around Nigeria if swift, urgent steps are not taken on the right track.

“We still can’t reconcile why known national tormentors, walk the streets of Nigeria unmolested while those on a popular struggle suddenly became objects of intimidation by our government

“We are appalled that the nation is fast degenerating and no one seems to care about what would become of a once fledgling country which seems to have lost its soul to petty politicking by those ordained to guide it to fruition.

“We maintain that the only way peace and tranquillity can reign in Nigeria is for government to restore hope that a new Nigeria is still a possibility. Anything to the contrary will pose serious danger to the unity of our country, Nigeria,” Ojo stressed.


Nigerians in Diaspora seek release of Igboho from Benin prison

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