Nigerian youths must engage in vocational skills ― Digital Expert

A digital expert, Olumuyiwa Samuel, has urged Nigerian youths to engage themselves in various vocational skills, to reduce the challenge of unemployment confronting the country.

Samuel stated this over the weekend during a seminar organised for artisans by Plus Afri Nigeria to connect them with job providers.

The digital expert advised the federal government to develop the country economically so as to reduce the number of Nigerians seeking greener pastures in other countries.

He expressed worries about ill-treatment melted on Nigerians in other countries, especially the recent attacks on Nigerians and other nationals in South Africa.

“I don’t like the reports I get from Africa, Nigeria especially. The white people are not better off in all standards. Each time I read those reports, I cry inside. It’s the same blood that runs through us. It’s just colour that differentiates us. We all from the same source. Why are they rubbishing us? Why are they looking down on us? Why are they calling us second citizens?

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“It’s only a few percentages of Nigerians that want to leave the country to other foreign countries, many of us want to stay here in Nigeria and create some niche for ourselves. If Americans don’t stay in their own country to develop it, Nigerians won’t be going there. We too must live in our country, in our continent to make it viable and livable. We just have to come and start looking inward and make sure the assertion about Nigeria and Africa comes to an end.

“Government has a big role to play in this. They have the financial capacity, the expertise, they have the connection more than any individual. But it is rather unfortunate that government makes failed promises. We however still beseech them to come and help Nigeria become what it is meant to be,” he noted.

According to him, the country is blessed with abundant opportunities for the youthful population to thrive through skills acquisition and vocational education.

He explained that Plus Afri helps vocational training thrive as it is an online hub that is designed to help artisans find a market for their handiwork and giving potential clients opportunity to select from the number of reliable and experienced artisans at the comfort of their homes and office.

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