Nigerian Celebrities To Partner With VONY For Police Reform

The Voice of Naija Youth (VONY) has recommended that the federal government sets up a committee that comprises some of the most prominent voices that fought and were at the forefront of the ENDSARS campaign.

According to the founder, Mrs. Temi Okesanjo, “it has become imperative that the federal government effectively communicates the implementation process of the reforms. There is need for transparency and speed at this stage

“The zeal, enthusiasm and passion of these key stakeholders must be complemented by including them to join the civil society, groups and all other stakeholders in the full-scale reform of the Police force.”

This transformation process, if appropriately carried out, will go a long way in solving the trust deficit and bridge the communication gap between the government and the citizens.

In addition to achieving youth inclusion, it is important that the government recognizes or appreciates the role that these key stakeholders have played in social- economic development.

VONY believes that this committee will collaborate with the new presidential initiative for the comprehensive institutional reform.

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