Nigerian Breweries launches new brand with a tour

Nigerian Breweries Plc launched its new tequila-based beer, Desperados, with a tour to four cities in the country.

The roll-out which started, on February 12, 2021, will see the four cities- Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, and Owerri- embrace the new tequila-flavoured beer that has revolutionised the beer game in over 50 countries.

Sarah Agha, the Portfolio Manager, Flavoured & Craft beer Nigerian Breweries Plc, said the launch of Desperados in these cities will reinvigorate the beer culture in Nigeria.

“Desperados is built around wild experimentations and creative energy and the goal for the nationwide rollout is to awaken the cities of Enugu, Ibadan, Owerri, and Abuja with its appeal to the young and free-spirited. At Nigerian Breweries Plc, we embrace the spirit of self-expression and experimentation that form the nucleus of Desperados,” she said.

Buttressing the unique DNA of the Desperados brand, the Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries, Emmanuel Oriakhi said, “Desperados is a brand that expresses an unconventional and daring outlook on life which resonates with the energetic and vibrant young Nigerians.”

“With Desperados we aim to challenge the norm. The aim is to build a brand that celebrates a collection of individual personalities with unique attributes, held together by the purpose of being ready to explore and experiment with new worlds and experiences. It is not just a beer, but a way of life, seeking to inspire the ones who are made to be different,” he added.

Brewed fully flavoured, Desperados was first launched by the Fischer brewery in France in 1995 and is now present in 86 markets around the globe. The number one preferred alcohol brand among young adults in France, Desperados has been delivering double-digit growth for the last six years, accelerated by its growth in key markets.

With the launch of Desperados in Nigeria, daring beer lovers are definitely in for a great time. Desperados is already available for sale at retail stores nationwide.

Desperados, which is the world’s first tequila beer, is wrapped in vivid colours to give an exciting impression. These brand attributes of vibrancy, adventure, spontaneity, self-expression, and wild experimentation have been captured in its sensational experiences to connect its young consumers all over the world.


Nigerian Breweries launches new brand with a tour

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