Nigeria@59: Youths need positive impacts ― Miss Nigeria

The current Miss Nigeria, Chidimma Aaron,  says  that Nigeria needs to see and feel  the positive impacts of youths in the development of the country after 59 years of her  attainment of  independence

Aaron, the 42nd Miss Nigeria, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) as the country celebrates her  59th Independence.

NAN reports that Nigeria got her independence from Britain on Oct.1, 1960.

According to her, the youth, an indispensable group to the development of a nation; should be involved in areas such as entertainment,  politics, commerce, and technology.

“They should not just be consumers but, essentially, be headliners and change-makers who will be proffering solutions to challenges facing the country and actively working toward improving the state of affairs of the country,” she said.

She called on all youths to have a renewed sense of commitment and involvement in nation-building instead of being deviant and involved in unnecessary crises.

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“We, the Nigerian youth,  need to be more deliberate and strategic in involving ourselves in organised efforts aimed at improving the state of our nation.

“We need to reduce the crowd clamoring around entertainment; parading the streets with certificates in file jackets; staring into the computers, telling long tales to unsuspecting foreigners.

“This season should see to the end of the “lazy Nigerian youth” syndrome,” she said.

She,  however, commended the youth that had started walking the talk positively and thus contributing their quotas to the nation’s development.

She advised others to emulate the good deeds of other youths.

The 26 -year-old model said that such youths would be found in the construction sector, the fashion sector, oil and gas, and technology.p sectors.

She said that there was a need to sensitise the youth to cultivate the habit of reading relevant books that would boost the standard of education in the country.

” The pursuit of personal development through the reading of good books should make the top spot on our list of needs,” she said.

The Anambra- born beauty queen also advised youths to get closer to God so as to curb the increasing vices and problems associated with them.

“We need to be closer to God so we will see the light, be  more spiritual than  being mere religious so that we can walk in love,   be friendly  and  be more tolerant toward our neighbours and families

“We need to decide today to seek deliberate change. First, for ourselves and then for our country. No great thing just starts as great, they begin small,” she told NAN.

She noted that the life of the youth had a natural growth process, it is usually like a tree that sprout from the seed.

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“We are the seeds and so sustainable change starts with us, will you join me? We are the giant of Africa, this is true.

“Many of us just can not see it. We need light, not just money, but unique gifts to come to light.

” Fifty-nine years after independence, Nigeria needs to believe in us, we need to prove that we are the giant of Africa, we are truly Nigerians.

“Happy Independence Day to Nigerians, the Giants of Africa,” Aaron said.

NAN reports that Aaron, who took over from Mildred Ehiguese, the 41st beauty queen, will be handing over to a new queen in December.

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